WEBINAR: Modern Media - Society Watchdogs or Poodles to Power?

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Questions of failed public accountability and governance lie at the heart of serial crises facing today's societies. Rolling economic breakdowns, rising inequality and looming environmental disasters all highlight the gulf between popular will and politicians' responses. Our media seem blind to this mismatch, unable to link the many problems to their common cause in the loss of people's influence over government.

Patrick Chalmers, an ex-Reuters reporter and author of Fraudcast News, lays out the charges against his chosen profession. He presents an insider's account of how mainstream media are far from being the watchdogs of power they like to pretend. Quite the opposite – the bulk of their output blinds people to their powerlessness in the face of modern politics, at every layer of government.

Yet his is a hopeful story. It includes a plan for how people can make their own media and lay claim to their political voices.

Patrick Chalmers is a journalist and author of Fraudcast News (http://fraudcastnews.net/book) — How Bad Journalism Supports Our Bogus Democracies. You can listen to him talking about Fraudcast News in a “pop-up” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGnPdpQkTb0&feature=youtu.be) interview from last year’s Rebellious Media Conference.