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GlobalNet21: Recreating Our Futures Message Board General Discussion › Labor Day present?

Labor Day present?

avra c.
New York, NY
Post #: 2,113
(Note: Labor Day, a U.S. holiday ostensibly celebrating the rich history and many successes of the labor movement)

As Americans celebrate Labor Day, it is worth noting how far the fortunes of the labor movement have sunk. Labor trafficking has increasingly become an accepted part of the global economy. The economic burdens of unemployment and low wage jobs fall disproportionately on women and people of color. We sadly note the continued disparity in wages for women performing the same work as men.

Most people who work in this country have the right to form and join unions under the 1935 National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which encourages union formation. Yet millions of workers, such as farm laborers, domestic workers and managers, are still not covered by the NLRA. In much of the developing world, unionizing is not a right, but rather a serious risk to life, limb and liberty.

In 1983, the union membership rate for wage and salary workers was over 20 percent. Today it is barely half of that and in the private sector it is below 7 percent. "Look for the Union Label" was a catchphrase of earlier times. Today unions are reviled by many, even among the working class that has built this country into a superpower. Even as outsourcing, downsizing, foreclosures and unemployment have become commonplace, still the labor movement seems moribund.

They gave us the Weekend! The 40 hour work-week. Child labor laws. Minimum wage standards. Pension benefits. American Labor built a movement that protected worker's dignity while still enabling the United States to dominate the world as an economic powerhouse for more than a generation. What has happened?

Certainly corruption and over-reaching have played a part. But the real contribution to the downfall of the American worker lies in the corporate takeover known as globalization. A worker today in Missouri or Massachusetts is competing with impoverished workers in Vietnam, Bolivia and Bangladesh. Despite the protestations of some political aspirants, corporations are NOT people. They are legal fictions. They are conglomerates of wealthy investors, without national or political allegiance, upon whom the courts have conferred rights usually reserved for actual individual citizens.

They may make millions, or they may go bust. But they do not bleed. They don't stay up at the kitchen table trying to figure out how the keep a roof over their children's head, how to pay for food or for medicine. They don't toss and turn and lose sleep worrying about an ever bleaker future. They just follow the bottom line and go wherever labor is cheapest and people most desperate. At the same time they are entitled to contribute millions of dollars anonymously to politicians who will protect their interests.

So what's the Labor Day present? Well, it's sort of a present only in a back-handed kind of way. A labor trafficking ring in Pennsylvania has been broken up and the successful prosecution has resulted in significant sentences for those convicted.

This case demonstrates the involvement of corporate giants like Walmart and Target in exploiting the most vulnerable among us. They do it with plausible deniability by outsourcing contracts and, whenever they can get away with it, by not hiring actual employees to whom they might have to extend benefits. It further illustrates how labor trafficking can be every bit as violent and brutal a violation as sex trafficking.

Open your Present: Pennsylvania man sentenced to life for operating human trafficking operation
The brothers used physical force, threats of force, sexual assault and debt bondage to keep the victims in involuntary servitude. The brothers also threatened violence to workers' families still residing in Ukraine. Two female workers testified at trial that Omelyan Botsvynyuk brutally raped them on several occasions. Other victims testified at trial that they were struck and beaten if they attempted to quit or leave the employ of the Botsvynyuk brothers, or if they questioned the lack of payment or the broken promises made in Ukraine. Workers were struck in the presence of other workers, which served as a warning to the rest. After some workers escaped, Omelyan Botsvynyuk resorted to extorting the workers' families in Ukraine, threatening them with mutilation, rape and death if the workers did not return to work or pay their debts.

Happy Labor Day. Look for that Union Label or at least Fair Trade!

Peace, Justice and Freedom...
Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 15
Dear Avra,

Have YOU examined YOUR countrymen, i.e. Israel, and Their SYSTEMATIC violation of EVERY Human Right ?
IF You have , let ME know.

avra c.
New York, NY
Post #: 2,118
Not quite sure of your point here, though clearly you are adept at using the CAPITAL key.

I surmise that you mean because I have a Jewish surname I am therefore a "countrymen" of Israeli citizens? I gather further that you BELIEVE that Israel has not only violated "EVERY" human right, but has done so in a "SYSTEMATIC" fashion, whatever that is supposed to mean.

In all honesty Mr. Boo, my post had nothing whatsoever to so with the conflict in the Middle East. However that is a conversation I am perfectly willing to have. I cannot think of another country in the region more friendly to the labor movement and to workers' rights, than Israel. If YOU know of ANOTHER, kindly CONVEY the information.

As a secular American Jew who has never been to Israel, I would not presume to speak on their behalf. Nevertheless, as a Jew I am very happy that they exist and certainly support their continued existence. Which is not to say that I do not have profound objections to a number of their decisions and policies, just as I have profound objections to the same in my own country.

If you wish to narrow your broad attack to some specific issue, I'd be more than happy to offer my thoughts.

Peace, Justice and Freedom...

Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 16
Dear Mr Cohen,

Thank you for your considered response; incidentally the word 'labour' contains the letter 'u', but I forgive YOU (and note the capital letters) your spelling 'impediment'!
(There is no such thing as 'American English', it's either English or it's not, 'capiche' ?)

Going onto the wider issue, I am sure that You (capital Y intended) are more than familiar with The Holocaust perpetrated by The Nazis (The World is reminded every day), but are you equally familiar with The Holocaust in The Middle East perpetrated by Israel ( and its partner in crime, The USA) ?

Israel is a CREATED (all capital letters intended so that YOU do not miss the 'point') State, 'created' by Britain and The USA to inflict maximum damage in The Middle East.
Remember The British Imperialistic motto, 'divide and rule' !

I am neither from The Middle East nor a Muslim, but rather a Humanitarian.
I condemn the actions of Israel EXACTLY as I do those of Nazi Germany.

Has 'The British Empire' now been superceded by 'The American/Jewish Empire' ?

Why have The Israeli Jews gone from the tyrannised (by Hitler) masses of the PAST to the tyrannical monsters of the PRESENT ?

Is the term 'Israeli Foreign Policy' an euphemism for 'unconscionable and SYSTEMATIC mass murder with impunity' ?

Is EVERY critic, and there are MILLIONS around The World (of EVERY denomination and not just Muslims) of Israeli atrocities and daily conduct, simply wrong? Pray tell, Mr Cohen.

Or is it that the truth comes in many 'versions', e.g. the 'real truth and whole truth' version and the 'Israeli and USA' version, to name but two ?

It is a sadly accepted fact that Jews 'control' (for all intents and purposes) America and America (The 'World Police') 'controls'.......,yes you've guessed it, The World.
Now Mr Cohen, how do you suppose that THAT GROSS INJUSTICE was achieved ? Go on, give me an insight into YOUR thought 'process', IF you have one ?

As your article is about the enslavement of Humans, have YOU ever considered the SYSTEMIC enslavement of Palestinians by Israel and USA, for example ?

I may be adept at using the 'capital key' Mr Cohen, but are YOU adept at telling and recognising The factual TRUTH, as opposed to the 'convenient' truth ?

What is YOUR 'version' of The TRUTH, Mr Cohen ?

When you have calmed down my befuddled Avra, gathered your 'thoughts' and 'come to terms' with capital letters, I look forward to your 'response' .

Peace, Justice and Freedom, USA and Israel permitting, of course.

Dr.Boo, DPhil (Oxon), Mathematics and Philosophy
avra c.
New York, NY
Post #: 2,119
Not a fancier of dialects I take it? Must be hard with all of us damn Yanks and Scots and Irish butchering the Queen's English willy nilly. Not to mention those impudent Aussies!

Frankly Dr. Boo, from your rambling tirade, which again is totally off point from my rather benign original post, it is difficult to discern if you are simply an anti-Semitic loon or more frighteningly, someone of true erudition whose world view is simply horribly skewed due to having fallen down a rabbit hole and in with a bad crowd.

Your assertions are simply too preposterous to be taken seriously. It would be as if I were challenged by the All Powerful Morg, sent from the 9th Dimension to confer the True Truth to we mere mortals. I hardly know where to begin.

Exactly where are the crematoria located where the Palestinians are being exterminated? Clearly the World Zionist Congress has kept their location hidden from those of here in the United States of Israel. Might they be in the vicinity of the numerous actual refugee camps where Palestinians have been forced to live by their co-religionists for the last 60 years? Except those are Arab countries, aren't they? The same ones that encourage the formation of labor unions and respect the universal rights of workers? And of women, or course.

Oh wait, I forget that things are different in your parallel universe. Here on planet Earth, people are permitted to get their news from sources other than the Jewish Controlled Media. I myself listen to the BBC and Al Jazerra. I must trust your assurance that news flows quite as freely in the Arab world and that a wide array of voices are tolerated from all political stripes. Has the Muslim Brotherhood been subscribing to Haaretz?

Hard to imagine how Britain and the US "created" Israel back before 1400 B.C.E. when it is mentioned on the Mernaptah stele, as one early extra-biblical reference. We surely won't delve into the Torah or other Zionist propaganda, notwithstanding that it serves as the historical basis for both Christianity and Islam. It does occur to me though, now that you raise the subject, that there were indeed a great many nation states created out of whole cloth by the victors of the several world wars just a generation past. It is notable that almost all were Arab states, many previously lorded over by the Ottomans, those other notorious Zionist conspirators. The degree of kindness they have extended since toward their Palestinian brethren has been amply demonstrated over the intervening years. Black September comes to mind.

I claim no version of inspired Truth, Dr. Boo. I read history dispassionately from a wide variety of sources and form conclusions based on my experience and my world view. I don't believe that the political situation in the Middle East is black and white. It could hardly be more complex with animosity ranging back long before either of us were twinkles in our parents eyes. To me it seems clear that there are competing interests and plenty of injustice on all sides, both historically and at present.

However, from what you have revealed of the way you perceive the world, I think you are one of the very last people on earth with whom I might hope to have a rational conversation of the subject. If you are articulating your honest thinking, then I am greatly saddened. It is my hope and my belief that you are merely a troll having a good bit of sport. That being the case, I wish you a rich and rewarding life, and welcome you to have the last word. I am done. Capiche?

Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 17
Greetings once again my beautiful Avra,

My my , how 'touchy', tetchy and discombobulated The ignorant and indoctrinated Jews become whenever Israel is mentioned (rather like The English Establishment and their 'bete noire', Colonialism)!

Guilty 'consciences' perhaps ?

Or more appropriately, 'Pavlov's Dog' barks yet again, methinks.

Could us Gentiles be entirely correct in our 'perception' of World Order? Heaven forbid , perish the thought!

An innate revulsion to and abhorrence of Israeli and American Foreign Policy (i.e.MONSTROUS injustices on a DAILY basis) does NOT make ME, or anyone else, anti-Semitic (THE ubiquitous 'cry' of almost EVERY Jew whenever a few 'home truths' are exposed).
By your ludicrous 'argument' every Humanitarian is anti Semitic (because EVERY Humanitarian is a supporter of The Palestinian 'cause' against The Zionist Israelis) !

Of course Avra, your Faith dictates that You are one of the 'chosen few'; now there's a SOUND basis upon which to assume that such a group of people are able to 'reason and debate' using logic and erudition! Methinks NOT.

Quite clearly, you had your little 'ditty' prepared and rehearsed well in advance; as I intimated in my previous 'communication' dear Avra, this is YOUR 'version' of the truth. All it took was the display of a few FACTUAL truths and you 'danced' like the proverbial 'puppet of America'. Ha, ha,ha....

Nevertheless, your spelling is coming along quite well; a word of advice though for the future Avra, more FACTUAL information and less emotional/religous ranting is the 'key' to a good argument.

Where do I begin my dear, confused Zionist ? In EXACTLY the same way as Hitler, The Zionist Jews will always attempt to 'justify' their 'cause' ; truly a FRIGHTENING prospect for World peace, in EXACTLY the same manner as Nazism.

It is indeed ironic that a member of the Jewish community, whom are NOT renowned for their aesthetic (both in the literal and metaphorical sense) appeal, should regard me as a 'troll' but then again Avra, you were merely 'jiving' to 'The American Beat'.

'I forgive you, your trespasses,' said Jesus Christ, as do I ; oops, your Jewish forefathers BETRAYED Him too, a fellow Jew, but BEAUTIFUL nevertheless. The notion of loyalty is NOT high on the 'list' of 'Jewish Priorities', is it ?

Although it is reassuring to know that you are able to read AND form your OWN views, I wonder what on Earth (quite literally) it is that you have been reading. It can only be THE 'Jewish scriptures' and NOT the FACTS of The Modern World. Avra, You really MUST endeavour to expand Your horizons beyond the narrow and insular confines of The Tanakh.
I can assure You Avra, there IS a Human and egalitarian LIFE beyond The Tanakh.

Your entirely anticipated 'views' and 'knee jerk responses' are a danger to the progress of Humanity.

Good to know that YOU have 'granted' ME the 'right' to respond, unlike The Israeli OCCUPATION of Palestine, whose people MUST and DO endure the savage bigotry and brutal violence of the invading Zionists. I would hope that unlike your 'brethren' in Israel, YOU (and your 'flock of sheep') do not intend to use extreme violence to occupy 'my space' simply for existing and disagreeing with your narrow and bigoted view of 'World Order'.

'An eye for an eye' , remember The Old Testament, my dear Avra ?

Come, let's 'play' Mr Cohen or is it that You need American 'support' (i.e. machine guns) before You are able to summon up the 'courage' ?

Evidently, the process of evolution has eluded You, and thus YOU clearly have a profound NEED to be educated.

Thank you for your elucidation on The Ottoman Empire but I am a beneficiary of a Classical Education and It has many advantages, one of which is the ability to discern fact from fiction. Much of your rhetoric and ramblings are either pure fiction or 'convenient' truths.
Avra, where in God's name did YOU receive your 'education'? It (YOUR lack of erudition) leaves much to be desired, as the primary purpose of any education is to ENABLE free and independent THOUGHT and thus 'produce' free and independent THINKERS.

Moving on to the dissection of your little 'ditty'........

But,for I to take the TIME to do that would only lead YOU to conclude that your 'arguments' are worthy of some 'credence' and importance when they are nothing more than indoctrinated, one-dimensional, irrational, bigoted and RELIGIOUS diatribes.

Mr Cohen, under 'normal' circumstances I wouldn't even take the time to ignore You as those of your 'ilk' are beneath contempt, but according to Oscar Wilde, 'there are only two kinds of people who are absolutely fascinating: those who know absolutely everything and those who know absolutely nothing'. Surely, it must be glaringly obvious, even to You Mr.Cohen, which of these two 'kinds' You belong to, and therein lies MY fascination with YOU.

As-Salamu Alaykum ,


(As you are aware Avra, I am NOT a Muslim and nor am I from The Middle East but am able AND willing to embrace Humanity; are YOU able to do the same ? Capiche ?)

P.P.S May The Gods EMPOWER Palestine and its People, AND note The TIMELY 'Edit' (11 th September).
Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 21
The UN General Assembly has, today, voted overwhelmingly to recognise Palestine as a non-member observer state - a move strongly opposed by Israel and the US.

Now, do You all remember Hitler ?
Is this current incarnation (i.e. Israel and USA) not, quite simply, The New Zionist/Nazi World ?

Do nothing and WEEP.
Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 73
Read on people, and OPEN your 'eyes' :­
Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 76
George Galloway on Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, The Middle East and Israel:
frighteningly accurate.­­
Yoga B.
user 11354113
London, GB
Post #: 107
Noam Chomsky on The FACTS:­
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