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Global Om 108 is a call to action on International Day of Peace taking place September 21, 2012 for people and organizations to hold 108 Om chant sessions around the world. GlobeShift is a company unifying Spirit through Technology.

We believe that energetics, metaphysics, mindfulness, consciousness, intention and other such modalities can resolve individual, group, local, regional, national and global issues that involve the dis-ease of any beings on earth or beyond.

We believe (and studies have shown) that bringing people together in focused meditation is one of the ways to effect change.

We are working on technology to assist in this. But in the meantime, there exist fantastic platforms like Meetup to assist in gathering people. So why wait.

Our first events are taking place on September 21st. Whether you are creating a flash Om session or a pre-organized event, consider joining us in creating these gatherings around the world. And of course you make them your own. We do ask that you consider calling them Global Om sessions.

We have chosen the Om chant because we believe it activates the fundamental energetics of the life force itself and is a powerful healer of individuals, groups and regions.

We have chosen to call for 108 such gatherings (as a minimum) because the number signifies the universe as it exists - being simultaneously one, emptiness, and infinite.

We are building a website and other means to support this effort. So stay tuned here for more information as it comes. In the meantime you can find us @GlobeShift #GO108

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Global Om 108 Meditation and more
Needs a date and time

Southwest DC Library

Hello everyone in the DC Metro area - I know this is short notice, but this started with a few friends expressing a need to get together to meditate, chat, and otherwise heal and integrate the results of the Tuesday election. So I'm organizing a gathering at the Washington DC SW Library at 900 Wesley Place SW Washington, D.C. 20024, between K & I near 3rd St. from 3:30pm-5:00pm. We will do a Global Om 108 meditation of 20+ minutes of rolling Oms, and then open to anything else you want to contribute to this gathering. Please share and brings friends. This is free and open to all.

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