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Agile International: Action to Generate and Integrate the Local Economy.

Agile International’s mission is to return Western Africa to food abundance by promoting local women farmers and the reestablishment of traditional, sustainable agriculture derived from cultural wisdoms and traditions . We seek to break free from the inexhaustible cycle of foreign aid and food imports by producing nutritious, organic food, that will develop enough income to support communities, educate children, liberate women, build strong families, and preserve cultures and customs.


Agile is commited to returning Western Africa to food abundance and prosperity through three main programs. These programs are designed to eliminate the need for foreign aid and in time will promote a bountiful food supply and strengthen culture.

The first program focuses on training local female farmers on the importance and science of organic farming. The program will also involve education on the termination of foreign aid.

The next program focuses on raising social and cultural recognition of the increasing school drop-out rates. Consciousness will be raised through "Stay-in-School" seminars and lectures held at various public venues as well as through the use of social media platforms. These conventions and social media channels will provide education, facts, statistics, causes, current efforts, solutions and other data related to bringing awareness about the current school drop out trend.

The third program focuses on raising funds to provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering the current economical and cultural oppression due to the conflicts in West Africa. Agile will provide guidance and assistance to those affected by the human displacement caused by these conflicts. This guidance will help aid a new flow of innovative energy that will help communities expand beyond the barriers of a given country, ethnicity, race, or gender.


These programs are commenced by the collaboration of Colorado-State University graduate students and experienced farmers in Mali to enhance the current agricultural techniques to become more sustainable and natural. The CSU students will help return Mali and West Africa to an organic state of cultivation and work with local farmers to help develop climate mitigation techniques and strategies. Agile provides land for the locals to use to create thriving farms which in return help generate a continuous revenue that helps parents afford to send their children to school. Agile's techniques will not only help benefit the food supply in Western Africa but it will also help create revenue, funds for education, and awareness about self sustainability. With this in mind, we strive to help Mali & Western Africa reach a prospering culture and economy.

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