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Global XR Talks - June

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Global XR C.
Global XR Talks - June


Fields of Light by Milan Pollé and Extended Reality NFTs: The Future of Art by Victoria Del Castillo

Live sessions start at 19:00 CEST / 10am PDT

YouTube channel (watch the talks here):

CEST 19:00-19:50
PDT 10:00-10:50

XR Session 1 - Fields of Light

In this session I will talk about light fields, what are they, what are they useful for, how do they work and what hardware and software solutions are there currently.
Speaker: Milan Pollé


CEST 20:00-20:50
PDT 11:00-11:50

XR Session 2 - Extended Reality NFTs: The Future of Art

Learn all about Extended Reality NFTs. What is an NFT? How can an NFT be XR? How do I make an NFT? This talk fills you in on all things XR NFT related including information on environmentally friendly NFT blockchains.
Speaker: Victoria Del Castillo

CEST 20:50 - 21:30
PDT 11:50-12:30
Virtual socializing (40min)
Socialize in the Global XR Community zone in AltSpaceVR
Invitation code: DJF886

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