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Weekend in the Beautiful Spanish City of Cordoba: Feb 2022

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Would anyone like to join me on a trip to the beautiful Spanish city of Cordoba in Feb 2022? Early planning I know but hoping travel will be much easier by then and will give us something to look forward to. The walls of the Mezquita dominate Córdoba, while the cobbled alleyways in the old Jewish and Muslim quarters, flanked by overflowing pots of geraniums, are a delight to explore. The main reason to visit Córdoba is to see its spectacular mosque. Then, take a walk through the atmospheric streets of the Judería, stopping en route in a bustling bar for tapas. If you can, come in May, when the patios are in full bloom and open to the public. The Museo Arqueológico contains important finds from the local area and the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes has works by Murillo, Zurbarán and Goya. The Moorish Alcázar has an impressive evening sound and light show in summer. And don’t leave without taking to the waters in the Hammam Baños Arabes. Córdoba's history Córdoba was the largest city in Roman Spain, the capital of the province of Baetica, and birthplace of Seneca the Younger, philosopher and tragedian. But its golden era was between the mid-8th and very early 11th centuries, when it was the centre of the great medieval Caliphate of Córdoba. As one of the world’s largest and most cultured cities, the splendid capital of the western Islamic Empire had the first university and the earliest street lighting in Europe. What to see The city is dominated by the greatest surviving monument from that period, the magnificent Great Mosque known as La Mezquita. Other architectural highlights include the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the 14th-century synagogue in the Barrio de la Judería (Jewish Quarter), the 16th-century Palacio de los Marquéses de Viana, with 13 flower-filled patios that are typical of Córdoba, the Plaza de la Corredera dating from the 17th century and the only Castilian-style plaza in Andalucía, the Museo Arqueológico and the Museo Taurino. Look, also, for the unusual Plaza del Potro, home to the Museo Diocesano de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum) and the Museo Julio Romero de Torres. If you want to find out more this website has loads of info. Finer Details Flights are around £100 in Feb and we will all book our own nearer the time. There will be the option to return on either a Sunday or Monday. Hotels will be around £100 for 2 nights and £135 for the 3 nights. There is a £50 deposit to pay now which will come off the cost of the hotels and just means I have people's commitment before spending time booking things. Please book on if you are interested and I will be in touch about the deposit.
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