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Glowing Energy offers a wide variety of Healing, Spiritual and Fun Workshops! Our space is a welcoming, safe, environment that supports you wherever you are on your journey.

We offer Reiki Circles, Reiki Certification Classes, Meditation, Sound / Vibrational Healing with Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Jewelry Workshops, Crystal Workshops, Angel Card Readings, Psychic Development Classes, Essential Oils, Reiki for Kids and Kids Meditation Classes.

We also offer private sessions for Reiki, Crystal Healing with Reiki, Raindrop Therapy, Sound / Vibrational Healing with Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls or Tuning Forks.

We invite you to experience some of our wonderful workshops and classes with our many talented and amazing Healers!

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Crystal Bowls and Reiki

Glowing Energy

Immerse yourself in the vibrational sound of Crystal Bowls, as it's combined with Reiki, healing on a physical, mental and emotional level, bringing our bodies into a state of balance, peace and well being. Reiki and sound healing are both vibrational in nature. Every cell in our body has a natural frequency of vibration. When the stresses and challenges of life accumulate and we find ourselves “out of tune”, dis-ease can occur. The healing sound of Crystal bowls and the energy of Reiki can retune and rebalance our bodies, restoring harmony to our entire being. Combining Reiki and crystal bowls, creates a system of natural healing that can be more powerful than any one system alone. Each will enhance and compliment the other and can be used as an adjunct to traditional health care procedures and treatments. Join us as we will begin the evening with a brief relaxing, guided meditation then flow into the beautiful sounds of the Crystal Bowls and Reiki. Cost: $20.00 Susan and Tricia Please arrive by 6:50 as we will start promptly at 7:00

Intro To Energy Medicine

Glowing Energy

We can create healthy changes in our bodies respond to stress and challenges of the modern world. In energy medicine the energy is your medicine to heal your body. Come and learn a basic daily energy routine you can use to bring balance, joy and vitality to your life. Mary Sassone $30.pp

Join us ON THE BEACH for Crystal AND Tibetan Bowl Meditation!

We invite you to enjoy the soothing sounds and healing vibrations of Crystal AND Tibetan Singing Bowls, as the sun begins to set on a beautiful summer evening at Cedar Beach! The vibrational sounds of Singing bowls can touch every part of our physical being. Sound is heard not only heard through our ears, but its vibration can also be felt as it resonates through every cell in our body. The human body is the perfect medium for carrying sound as it is made up of over 80% water, and to be surrounded by the the ocean with the sound of the waves around us will make this so amazing!! The sounds and vibrations emanating from the Crystal Singing Bowls create a very deep meditative state for the listener, allowing relaxation to occur. This helps our bodies to heal, by opening, clearing, and re-balancing each of our 7 major chakras (our energy centers). The Bowls have such a pure tone and high vibration, that it raises our vibration, and retunes our vibrational frequencies, bringing harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Bring your beach chair or blanket and Join us as we set a healing intention to the soothing sounds of the Singing Bowls. We will be on the beach close to the basketball courts. Cedar Beach, Harbor Beach Road, Mount Sinai, Ny Please call if you have any questions. [masked] This event is FREE, Donations greatly appreciated.

Mommy and Me Crystal Bowl Meditation

Glowing Energy

We invite Parent and Child to experience the amazing vibrational sound of Crystal Bowls for this special event! This event is for children of all ages and abilities. The sound of the Crystal Bowls not only bring peace, calm and healing to our physical, mental and emotional beings, it creates a bond between Parent and Child! We have found children of all ages love the vibrational feeling and the sound of Crystal Bowls. Cost: $30.00 for 2 (Parent and Child) Susan, Jessica

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Deep Healing Sound Bath

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