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Glowing Energy offers a wide variety of Healing, Spiritual and Fun Workshops! Our space is a welcoming, safe, environment that supports you wherever you are on your journey.

We offer Reiki Circles, Reiki Certification Classes, Meditation, Sound / Vibrational Healing with Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Jewelry Workshops, Crystal Workshops, Angel Card Readings, Psychic Development Classes, Essential Oils, Reiki for Kids and Kids Meditation Classes.

We also offer private sessions for Reiki, Crystal Healing with Reiki, Raindrop Therapy, Sound / Vibrational Healing with Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls or Tuning Forks.

We invite you to experience some of our wonderful workshops and classes with our many talented and amazing Healers!

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Deep Healing Sound Bath

Glowing Energy

Join us for this transformative, deep healing Sound Bath session with Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Chimes and Drums! Sound and music have been used since ancient times to bring peace to its listeners, while deeply healing on a physical and emotional level. A Sound Bath carries us to a state of deep relaxation, shifting our brain into a deeper meditative state, bringing a tranquil feeling of calm and peace, deeply opening our consciousness and awareness. Sound moves through the body like ripples in the water, stimulating the blocked or stagnant energy to flow and release. Pain and negative energy are cleared away, allowing our body's to return to the harmonious beings we were born to be. The experience is different for everyone, but our hope and intent is to bring you into a tranquil feeling that stays with you for many days. Cost: $30.00 per person Please call to reserve your spot[masked]

Guided Meditation ~ Be Happy

Glowing Energy

In this meditation I will take you to a place of happiness that you can reach any time you need a little pick me up. You have the power within you to be happy. Let me guide you there. $15pp

Tibetan Tones®️ Core Module - Vibrational Sound Practitioner Certification

Become a Certified Tibetan Tones Practitioner ~ THE TIBETANS TONES®️ CORE MODULE Vibrational Sound ~ Practitioner Certification THIS IS A 2 DAY CERTIFICATION CLASS Prerequisite: none. The course is the basic level for anyone with a desire to learn the Tibetan Tones® sound meditation systems. Objective: To educate and inspire in the process of using Tibetan Tones®multi harmonic, long sustaining vibrational singing bowls to initiate feelings of safety and security in a state of deep relaxation. Bowls: The Tibetan Tones® singing bowls are made specifically for long sustaining deep multi-harmonic vibrations. Made of purest bell metals in a hand hammered process. Platform: Can be done on a massage table or the floor. In an office treatment room, yoga studio or home. Sequence: An advanced class to follow this course which is more for health professionals or anyone who has taken the first 16-hour class and has been reporting their session results. Professional Therapist Use: The Tibetan Tones® Vibrational Sound Massages and Sonic Wave Journeys is used by therapists in fields of Psychology, Hypnosis, Physical Therapy, Dentistry, LMT, LAc. as well as Addiction Therapy and Children on the Spectrum and yoga classes. Integrative Therapy: Tibetan Tones®️ therapies and workshops with their ongoing professional therapy practice, be it, yoga, psychotherapy, massage, Reiki, hypnotherapists, LMT, LAc, at the hospitals or school where they work. Teaching Sound Meditations -training clients how to develop a strong sound meditation practice at home with family is a key role of Tibetan Tones®️ Practitioners. The Mission : A Pledge to the Whole of Existence as a Sonic Yogi Practice Conscious Commerce. Work together in a common prayer, creating a current of AWAKENING. Volunteer in drug rehabilitation, Veterans, Senior centers and schools. Practicing sustainability and compassion for Mother Earth To provide a Container of Consciousness (L O V E) in our community To be a Stand for Transformation; never giving up on ourselves or another. The nicest thing you can do is hold that thought for another’s happiness. To give the gift of sonic embrace is powerful enough to neutralize lifetimes of traumas. If every family practiced the Tibetan Tones meditations together the transformation happens for all. We invite you all to experience a treatment or a 2-day class. Learn how to bring Sound yoga into your home. $1450 per person. Includes a set of 4 therapeutic Tibetan tones bowls and manual. Please leave a deposit of $450.00 to hold your spot for this class. https://tibetantones.com/products/a-tibetan-tones-vibrational-sound-certification-april-27-28-miller-place-ny?fbclid=IwAR3mJPf4YtqQo4GWlNRW1xM9TxsUBXPS2aEIbYCpuBDC9VcWMP1kYZV2pns

Crystal Gem Wire Wrapping Workshop!

Glowing Energy

Create your own unique, beautiful wire wrapped Crystal Pendant, choosing a crystal from a variety of different colors and shapes! They make wonderful Mothers Day Gifts or make one for yourself! We start the class with a meditation to connect you with the Crystal you chose to work with. All supplies will be provided along with a demonstration to teach and guide you in creating your pendant, along with learning the meaning of your crystal. Crystals have so many beautiful and healing features. Each crystal and color has its own meaning. They can be used to comfort and calm us, help us to sleep, meditate, think more clearly, stay focused and broaden our consciousness They can promote peace, tranquillity and emotional balance. They can be used for physical healing as well, bringing balance to our body, mind and spirit. All Crystals are cleared, blessed and infused with Reiki to enhance their healing properties as you work with them. Facilitator: Susan Ferro RMT Cost: $35.00

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