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It has been such a joy meeting all of you, over this past year! I hope for many more wonderful, productive, helpful and fulfilling gluten free meetups to come! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 9 years ago. It was a hard time in my life, as I had to adjust pretty much everything around me. It took me years to find all the hidden sources of gluten and I am STILL learning. My family and friends were supportive, but I still felt very alone and isolated. Eating different than everyone at the table is isolating, since eating is social by nature. It is what bonds people. But, what if you eat differently than everyone else? THIS, is exactly what this meetup is for. They did not get the struggles, physically and emotionally, that come along with this. I wanted for years to connect with allergy groups, but was honestly nervous to put myself out there. I joined an allergy meetup in Cincinnati, but was sad to see it close by the host, shortly after I joined. At this, I decided to create my own meetup to see if there was interest. And, luckily, there was! I hope this meetup can be a "safe place" for all those who are gluten free, whether you have gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. I hope this meetup can help support the gf community, gf restaurants, gf products and help create awareness. I personally am a Celiac and lactose intolerant. So far, we have checked out festivals, restaurants and has a few casual meet and greet days. Now that I got my feet wet and am becoming a little better at this meetup thing, there are so many ideas to come, in 2019 and beyond - gluten free cooking classes, gluten free shopping trips, speakers, farm tours etc. Also, stay tuned for an exciting announcement, very soon! -Katie Saxton

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Kombucha Social

Fab Ferments

What exactly is Kombucha? This evening promises to entertain while learning what Kombucha is all about from the best at the Fab Ferments Kombucha Taproom. Jenn and Jordan have been making naturally fermented Kombucha tea for more than a decade. Jenn will share her vast experience with us making fermented tea and cultured veggies. You will be able to order from a menu of innovative Kombucha tea flavors, yes straight from the tap. We will also hear from the makers of Artisano cheese, a local artisan cheese producer, who will provide samples of select cheeses. We will have plenty of gluten free crackers available. Naturally fermented foods contribute to a healthy microbiome. They provide many beneficial microorganisms that aid in digestion and the overall functioning of our main immune system- our digestive system. We are all susceptible to the poor food quality of processed foods around us, as well as having experienced either damage or dysbiosis from our contact with gluten in the past. Understanding the difference between naturally fermented foods and other methods is vital to making good choices with your food dollar.

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