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The London Club for anyone wishing to socialize and eat out gluten-free. For any reason!

We meet to eat out at cafes, restaurants, enjoy free-from events and workshops and sometimes taste-test gluten-free goodies. Many members also avoid other allergens such as lactose and nuts too so venues catering for multiple allergies are especially appreciated :-)

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Free Food & Focus Group Fun!

Gomm Road

A very special event! *Eat Real Food* are a budding start-up full of hope building towards the launch of something *entirely new*. Something entirely new? Yes! Savoury flavoured protein bars made from whole food ingredients. Bars that are more like meals than desserts, still delicious, but even more nutritious! Gluten-Free, Vegan, High Protein, High Fibre, No Added Sugar! Join this little focus group to enjoy! # Being among the first to sample these brand new bars (but don't worry, the bars have been sampled by others with positive reactions!) # Accompanying antipasti so that you have a full lunch provided. Hummus and dips are good friends with these bars # Helping to choose the best flavours and bar shapes and sizes for the upcoming launch # Helping choose eye-catching logos and clever names for the bars Places are strictly limited due to the venue size so please do commit to your calendar if you RSVP. If places run out and and you want to join please do join the wait list. We will re-run the event if possible! The bars are gluten-free and vegan and the entire event will be very vegan friendly :-)

Join the British Gut Project!
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The bacteria in and on our bodies vastly outnumber our human cells and DNA, Our gut microbiome is beginning to be thought of as have enormous influences on our health and guess what, celiacs tend to to have a different profile to non-celiacs. Want to know more? I sure do, so I joined the British Gut Project http://www.britishgut.org/ This is a fascinating, partly crowd-funded scientific study into the relationship between our health and our microbiome. By participating you can - • Discover your personal gut bacteria profile • See how your profile compares to others • Help enable the ongoing study and advance of knowledge This meetup is open-ended. If you also sign up, or have already, RSVP here. Once there are a few of us I'll arrange a place and time for us to meetup, share our results and speculate on their reasons. Do be aware that participation doesn’t bring with it any advice or recommendations. If you want to know more I recommend these two great introductory videos to the topic. Rob Knight: How our microbes make us who we are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-icXZ2tMRM Hungry Microbiome: Gut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4zTyZRdRpY&index=6&list=PL3srtaIPWjycUtLr-YThTl_Cdh9_hnvse

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Xmas Meetup at Lovely Leadbelly's :-)


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