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16 Classes held once a week every Wednesday @ 7pm. Starts on July 25, 2018 To register please fill out the form on: The mysteries of life are like precious jewels for those who are courageous and willing to dig and uncover them. If you feel like digging you'll need some tools…. The course is absolutely FREE. These topics are divided into 16, 1-hour long classes, held once a week. For the Course description and more info on the Gnostic teachings please visit us @

Gnostic Cultural Centre of Toronto

23 Haymarket Rd. · North York, ON

What we're about

There is much more to this world than meets the eye, and as humans we have this inherent thirst from within wanting to understand life and our place within it. Welcome to the Gnostic teachings.

The Gnostic Centre of Toronto does public speaking events on various spiritual topics such as: Astral projection (OBE's), Lucid dreaming, Awakening of the consciousness, Life after death, Meditation, What is Gnosis, and many many more. The purpose of these talks is to share these ancient Gnositic teachings with humanity, so that humanity may liberate itself from suffering.

Our community also offers indepth courses in Gnosticism where students learn to investigate for themselves the very nature of their reality. These courses are for those students who understand that life is a mystery awaiting to be discovered. That true liberation and peace are beyond worldly politics and materialism.

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