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The seminars and meetings of the Atlanta Gnostic Association have been created with the purpose of reevaluating the principles which nourish our Doctrine, inquiring, searching and experiencing its postulates by means of an intense esoteric-mystical activity.
We need to overcome obstacles, hurdles, break chains and willingly intensify our efforts to know ourselves and awaken our consciousness.
A definite objective of this group is to make practical the Gnostic Wisdom in order to make of ourselves Practical Gnostics.
The series of lectures which we present has the objective of awakening a live Interest for the exercise of lnteriorization as the Fundamental basis of the inner work.
Let us seek the Light of Lights, the Being, drinking the wine of meditation in the cup of perfect concentration.

Our address is: 4393 N. Shore Lane. Norcross, GA. 30093

Español: (804) 200-9496

English: (865) 484-6414

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