What we're about

Its about meeting other locals to compare and discuss the underlying similarities and truths in all spiritual teachings.

Sharing and practising spiritual/transformational techniques and experiences (e.g Meditation, Mantrams, pranayamas, Out of Body Experiences, Tarot and Kabbalah, etc...) . Talking about ways to incorporate spirituality into everyday life.

Learning to actively investigate our psychology to discover what is real within us, and change negative life patterns of behaviour, by changing ourselves from within.

Creating a community spirit, where people respect the spiritual life within themselves and others and the spiritual aspects of life within Mother Nature and the Cosmos. This includes gnostic eco-psychology and working on the land and an anthropological study of the Arts and beliefs of Ancient cultures. Culture plays a huge part in expressing gnosis, so that's why I have (using many cultural references) loaded all sorts of goodies to browse over under the "Pages" and "more/files" tabs, to help you "feel it" and reflect upon it, so you get the gist of it!

These activities are open to people of all faiths and cultures! If you live near Edinburgh and want to meet our "sister group" up in scotland please contact Nomita Sanchdev, one of the other organisers on this site, We are very pleased to announce that we have finally been registered as a CIC (community Interest Company - a Non profit organisation) that provides various spiritual development activities within their local community as a whole. This status includes our sister groups in Birmingham, Bristol, London and Edinburgh as well. Our Companies House registration is 7628844. Find us on facebook under "Gnosis UK".

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Self knowledge Course - Southampton gnosis

The Sophia Centre, 202 Above Bar,

Community Event - Repair cafe (TRANSITION SOUTHAMPTON)

Freemantle Baptist Church

Self knowledge Course - Southampton gnosis

The Sophia Centre, 202 Above Bar,

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