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Experience is better than belief.

Curious about what we study? Listen to a talk from one of our recent meetings: https://youtu.be/Txbz59zE09U

This meetup is intended to support sincere spiritual aspirants from various backgrounds in learning about, practicing, and experiencing the esoteric aspect of all authentic religions. We will have respectful discussions on different esoteric topics in which both new and returning participants can contribute their lived experiences and hear from others. In addition to discussion, we will study practical techniques that can be used to cultivate our own experiences of the divine.

The Greek word Gnosis (γνῶσις) implies a type of knowledge that is derived from experience, and encompasses the whole of a person. That is, it is genuine knowledge of the truth. Reality, truth, does not fit neatly into a concept, dogma, or theory, thus genuine Gnosis must also be something that one must experience. Personal experience is not transmissible in conceptual terms; a concept is merely an idea, and experience is far more than an idea. In other words, real Gnosis is an experience that defies conceptualization, belief, or any attempt to convey it. To understand it, one must experience it. This is why real spirituality is based on one's own effort to experience the truth, and the method to reach that experience is primarily practical.

Nonetheless, in order to understand what we experience, we must study the experiences of others. For this, we prefer to rely on those who have proven the qualities we wish to embody ourselves: profound love for all beings, brilliant intelligence, and radiant joy. As such, we study the works and stories of the greatest human beings and their legacies, in every field of understanding: philosophy, science, art, and religion. By practicing their teachings in our own lives, we can come to experience the truths that they experienced.

For free online courses, books, and more information on the Gnostic tradition of Samael Aun Weor, visit http://www.gnosticteachings.org

Past events (8)

The Multiplicity of Self (Gnostic Fundamentals Series)

Conference Room A in Grandview Heights Public Library

Cultivating Self-Knowledge (Gnostic Fundamentals Series)

Conference Room B in Grandview Heights Public Library

Consciousness, Personality, and Ego (Gnostic Fundamentals Series)

Conference Room B in Grandview Heights Public Library

The Four Paths to Immortality

Conference Room B in Grandview Heights Public Library

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