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Hero Hill Repeats
Welcome to the Hero Hill Repeat Workout - or basically, running up hills/stairs with a twist. Each week, we'll meet up to do a set of hill repeats/stairs followed by sets of "Superhero Workouts" from the website. Please meet at the North end of Seal Point Park bathrooms on the parking lot closest to the bridge going towards Ryder Court Park/opposite the dog park. NEW for 2018: Due to my new job, I won't be able to arrive early enough to lead warmups most sessions. We will start at 6:45pm and begin the workout immediately after everyone checks in. If you need to warm up, please arrive early and do so before 6:45pm - last year, we would do a jog around the park which was about 1.25 miles. WHAT TO BRING: Bring some water and a towel if you want to keep your hands clean. Most workouts with consist of the following: - 3 sets of: 2-3x hill sprints or stairs/walk down recover (or 3x stair repeats) + 1x Hero Workout - Cool down of your choice The parking lot closes at 8:30pm during the summer/7:30pm during the winter. Standard completion time is about 40-50 minutes. DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained coach, certified trainer, nor am I a health professional. I have been running for several years and am at a fitness level to do this and want to see if others are interested. Since I'm also learning, if you know correct/better form for exercises or ideas for how to improve these workouts, please let me know! As always, consult with your doctor and know your limits while doing these exercises!

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We are the Go Far Run Group! This run group is for anyone looking to meet new friends, train with a great group of people, and have fun while running (or walking!)!

We have folks of all abilities in our group, from walkers who are happy being walkers; to walkers transitioning to running; to 10 minute mile runners; to 6 minute mile runners! We have folks who have never been in a race in their lives to those who are experience half and full marathoners. Our one requirement to stay in the group is that you attend at least 1 Meetup every 3 months. This helps to keep our Meetup active!

We have two group meeting locations for your convenience, one in the San Mateo area and another in the Campbell area. There are different Meetups throughout the Bay for you to enjoy, so please be sure to check out our calendar and you will find runs of all types to join!

Whatever your ability, there is a place for you in our group!

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