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Join the Go Infinite Tribe for a free workout every Sunday on Albany Park. This session begins with a group warm, and then a group workout. We welcome all ages and fitness levels for this training session. Our training style consists of calisthenics which is bodyweight only exercises. You will learn to harness the power that exists inside of you and master the movements that humans have used to improve strength, power, stamina and flexibility since the beginning of our existence. After the workout, stick around to watch or participate in some freestyle calisthenics which include: Muscle Ups, 360s, plyo push-ups, handstands and other fun and creative movements!

Hibbard School Playground

3244 W Ainslie St · Chicago, IL

What we're about

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”- Confucius.

Our mission is to teach and inspire people to take control of their health so they can become stronger, healthier and happier. We host training sessions involving fun and effective workouts that include calisthenics, obstacle course training and more.

This group is for anyone looking to improve their health or just looking for fun ways to enhance their workouts. We believe getting in shape doesn't have to be a boring or monotonous task. With fun, creative body weight movements and a community of inspiring people, these workouts will keep coming back and improve your overall well being.

Training Style:

Our training consists of fundamental principles that teach or re-teach us how to run, jump, climb, swing, squat, crawl, push, pull, carry and throw. We explore the movements that help us to efficiently navigate through any environment or over any obstacle with flow and grace. Sessions take place outdoors, which enhances our ability to effectively move across any terrain. It also allows us to stay connected with nature and enjoy the Chicago summer.


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