• After Work at Green Lion

    The Green Lion

    Let's meet over a beverage and have a round table discussion about all things Go! Kasper Lewau will bring his laptop and share his experience from working with Go and we'll discuss design, good practice, fuckups, testing and anything else that comes into mind. Feel free to bring your own laptop to show off your project or ask for input! If you can't make it to 1700 sharp, feel free to drop in when it's convenient for you. There will be a little blue gopher sitting on the table to make us easy to find.

  • Concurrency in Go

    Foo Cafe

    Register for the event here: http://foocafe.org/malmoe/events/1948-concurrency-in-go The concurrency feature in Go is one of the most attractive features of the Go programming language... or is it? In this talk, we will go over subjects like concurrency vs. parallelism, best practices, common patterns, and how to avoid the nasty pitfalls of multi-threaded programming. About the speaker: Stephen Rodriguez is a software engineer at Apsis, where he currently deconstructs monolithic applications into cloud based microservices written in Go. He holds a Master's degree in Software Security and has been a fullstack engineer for the last 7 years. Lastly, he recently moved to Malmö from New York City, and has completely embraced the Swedish lifestyle! Register for the event here: http://foocafe.org/malmoe/events/1948-concurrency-in-go

  • Coverage Cravings - How to test effectively in Go

    --- Please Note: Since this meetup is hosted by FooCafé, you need to visit the FooCafé webpage in order to sign up: http://foocafe.org/malmoe/events/1858-coverage-cravings-how-to-test-effectively-in-go Any RSVP on this meetup event at meetup.com is disregarded. Unfortunately meetup.com does not allow disabling or redirecting RSVP management on scheduled meetups. --- In this talk, Marcus Olsson will walk you through some common and uncommon ways you can test your application. Among the things we'll look at are table tests, mocking dependencies, testing HTTP handlers and more. Chances are you'll learn something new, regardless of your previous experience in Go. Marcus is software engineer at Bonnier Broadcasting, where he's currently building and operating a streaming platform for video tracking. He's been using Go for the last 4 years (3 years professionally). Nowadays, he also organizes the Go Stockholm meetups and trains aspiring Go developers. On late nights, he draws gophers and impulse buys mechanical keyboards. https://twitter.com/marcusolsson https://github.com/marcusolsson https://marcus.se.net

  • Meet & Greet

    The Green Lion

    Now it's time for the very first Golang Malmö event. In this first meeting we will keep it simple - let's just meet over [insert favorite beverage] and get to know each other irl. If you are working on an exciting Golang project, feel free to bring a laptop for an informal demo! If you can't make it to 1700 sharp, feel free to drop in when it's convenient for you. There will be a little blue gopher sitting on the table to make us easy to find. I am very interested to know if you have any thoughts on where we can take the meetup in the future. What I need right now is: 1. Speakers that can give a short (or long) talk on anything go-related. Doesn't have to be cutting edge world leading scientific stuff, might as well be an introduction to Go for beginners. You're welcome to send me a message right now if you have any suggestions. 2. We need a venue to host future meetups. Ideally it would be a company with a nice office in central Malmö who would be happy to let us use a meeting room for 20-30 people once a month, for free. Also, if someone feels passionate about this meetup I wouldn't mind having a couple of co-organizers who can help out with finding speakers and/or venues etc. Don't be shy!