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Chan Meditation Workshop Series - for the Busy and the Stressed

…Bring Meditation into Everyday Life…

Busy? Stressed? Fatigued? And no time to enjoy life? These are just few of the many side-effects feeling by the norm nowadays. Life doesn’t have to be that way. When was the last time that you decompressed completely, felt relaxed and refreshed with total enjoyment? Would you do that more often if you have the time? What if there are simple concepts and methods that you can learn, practice, and build on, to feeling calm, relaxed and anew, wherever and whenever you need? And, at the same time, enabling your surroundings to be a better place to live - because you are better! Yes, this is all very doable and completely dependent on the decisions you make and the efforts you put in through time into something very meaningful and worthwhile, called Chan Meditation.

Come! Come join us and embarking on a journey of self-mastery through Chan Meditation with the destination for humanity! Dharma Drum Mountain in Fremont welcomes you to attend our Chan Meditation Workshop Series. These interactive workshops focus on interlacing short segments of concepts/methods with hands-on practices to maximize your learning while enabling you to connect the learning into practical daily life applications.

In this upcoming Introductory Workshop (2 to 2.5 hours, depending on participant Q&A), we will guide you through the basic tenets of sitting meditation, including proper bodily posture (while sitting on the cushion or chair), relaxation, and an effective concentration method. This introductory workshop is a good preparation for the Foundational Workshop.

Note: please wear comfortable and loose clothing to keep body warm and relaxed.

This event is free. Donations are welcome and appreciated.

Registration is required as workshop group size is limited to ensure full facilitation and participation.