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Author Talk with Marivi Soliven

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12205 Scripps Poway Pkwy. E101 · Poway, CA

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We'll be using the room to the right (going into) of the entrance.

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An evening with Award-Winning Author Marivi Soliven (


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Looking forward to seeing the more dedicated writers of the group at this event. It's at a new location, but it's well worth the drive. You're going to love this event! Whether you're a fiction or non-fiction writer, Marivi Soliven ( will inspire you. She's wonderful! I am so loving her award-winning book The Mango Bride ( The characters are so...human and the story pulls you into the book by your collar.

This presentation, takes you through the life cycle of a book from Marivi ( together her first draft of The Mango Bride ( in NaNoWriMo ( through the kill-your-babies editing process at Penguin Random House ( and on to designing a DIY international book tour for foreign editions. Marivi ( the path to publication by examining each facet of this process from overcoming writers’ block through landing a literary agent, and carving out a niche to keep your novel forever relevant.

Marivi Soliven’s ( debut novel, The Mango Bride ( won the Grand Prize for the Novel in the 2011 Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards (, the Philippine counterpart of the Pulitzer Prize, and Best Contemporary Fiction at the San Diego Book Awards ( The novel’s Spanish edition, Hace Una Eternidad en Manila (Grupo Planeta, 2014) was released in October, 2014. National Book Store released the Filipino edition in August 2015. Marivi has some great advice for writers trying to break into publishing - especially on how to land an agent!

After authoring ten books for children, Marivi Soliven ( moved on to writing four more books for an adult audience including Suddenly Stateside, a collection of essays on the Filipino diaspora, and Spooky Mo, a collection of feminist horror stories. Her essays and short fiction have been widely anthologized in Philippine textbooks.

Marivi has taught creative writing at the University of the Philippines ( and the University of California at San Diego ( Stories from her 17 other books have appeared in anthologies in Manila and the United States. Her short story “Talunang Manok (” was recently adapted into a short film, titled “The Losing Cock (” by Delano Manongs ( Director Marissa Aroy (

Her book will be available for sale, she takes cash, check or credit cards. Her book is $18 and is a great investment. I'm learning a lot about character development and dialogue from her well-written pages. Think about buying her book directly from her rather than Amazon so you can support our guest directly. She normally speaks at paid venues, so it would be great if you can purchase a book if you're interested in the subject matter.

The first 10 people to respond yes to attending, will receive a free copy of Writer's Digest.

As usual, we'll be eating dinner - it's the cost of using the room. I love Grenadine ( So, here's the menu - they also have small pizzas that are excellent, but for some strange reason they don't have on their website ( It looks exotic, but it's wonderful and has some great dishes -- their pizzas and SHRIMP KEBAB are excellent. They have two big rooms, depending on the weather we'll decide to eat in the screened (heated area) or inside. Make sure to layer.

There are salads and hummus dishes. You don't need to order an entire entree, you can just get something simple. Parking is ample. There are several ways to get there, so look at a map before you plug it into your gps, there are several shortcuts over from the 15 if you hit traffic.

Same ol' rules apply.

There will be NO GUESTS allowed at this event. If you're not a registered member, you can't attend. If you turn up with one, they will be turned away. You are not the exception to the rule. There is limited seating.

If you say you're going, be there. I really, really frown on last-minute. cancellations.

If you're going, be on time.

If you're going, don't cut out early - getting your check will be disruptive.

The review in The Reader (hyperlinked) will tell you how to find the restaurant, it's kind of tricky.