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Putting Away Food - The Why, What and How of It


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Putting Away Food - The Why, What and How of It

There are many ways to put away food, and many reasons to do so. You can put away what you grow or food you get in season from local farmers, sealing in the nutrients at their freshest and having that taste of summer/fall harvest in the middle of winter, and/or when some things may not be available (who wants a winter tomato that is shipped 1700km field to table and tastes like plastic anyway?).

Methods for putting away food include dehydration (solar or electric), root cellar, pickling, canning, freezing, even wine-making. Which is more 'sustainable' in terms of energy and other requirements? Which seals in the most nutrients? Which will keep your food through a power outage? Which is the most tasty? The answers are complicated and it depends which foods and for what uses/purposes.

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion of putting away food, complete with samples of different methods for inspection/tasting.