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Momentum 4 Men - Friends, Fun, Food, Leadership and Life Goals
Men - Want to Make More Friends? Learn Leadership Skills? Achieve Your Life Goals? Check this out!! Breakfast included too! Don't know anything about the organization? Check out this video. Momentum is for Men. It's a local non-religious, non-political, Men's Organization that supports men to have a better life by having more and better friends and achieving Momentum (get it?) towards your life goals and purpose. Arrive by 7:45! We meet outside in a park so dress for it. Coffee is usually provided beforehand. Meeting starts PROMPTLY at 8:00. Don't be the guy walking in late. All meetings are different, but they usually have some aspect of getting to know other guys, some fun or a game, and being a bit introspective about where you want your life to go. The meeting ends at 10:00 SHARP. Then the organization provides breakfast and we socialize a bit longer. To find us, take the path to the right of the tennis courts to the back corner of the park. You'll see a bunch of men. New to Momentum and Want to Find out More? Plan on staying for the orientation that takes place after the general meeting. It helps men become part of the organization quickly. You will meet many of the members, learn our customs and principles, and have opportunities for growth and friends. See our main site at (

Bramhall Park

1338 Willow St · San Jose, CA

What we're about

Interested in having more friends? Interested in activities with other men? Interested in being a better man? This is what we do!

Momentum is a place where men can experience close friendship, camaraderie, fun, and activities — along with personal growth to help us be better men.

What do we mean by personal growth? We provide a space for men to talk about what’s really going on for them, and practice ways of being effective in life (such as: being connected, setting goals, and keeping one’s word).

We are not affiliated with any religion. We welcome men of any race. While most members are straight, some are gay, and we welcome them too.

See also: our Official Site (, San Jose Meetup (, and Peninsula Meetup (

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