GoSheffield - May

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Welcome to GoSheffield! This is where the Go community in Sheffield meets once a month to talk about cool hacks and interesting technology.

GopherCon Singapore conflicts with our usual first Thursday of the month, so we're moving this meetup back by seven days.

As usual, we'll have four fifteen-minute talks with a break in the middle. The talks will start at 18:15:

* Daniel Martí - Reimagining gofmt for Go 2.0
* Unnamed Utility Warehouse Engineer - TBA
* (empty slot)
* (empty slot)

Please get in touch with the organisers if you'd like to give one yourself. All topics and levels of experience are welcome!

Food will be provided for all attendees, courtesy of our sponsors.

We are always looking for more sponsors and venues - if you know someone that can help us keep our gophers fed and happy, please get in touch!

Please note that all attendees and sponsors are required to follow the Go code of conduct (https://golang.org/conduct).

Venue: http://www.shefftechparks.com/
* Monzo - https://monzo.com/
* U Account - https://www.uaccount.uk/
* Utility Warehouse - https://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk/