What we're about

Strictly for singles who want to meet up with other singles in Goa and see how things go. This is currently set up as a meetup for straight people (since I'm straight), but if anyone would like to co-manage this and organise similar meetups for our LGBTQ friends, you're more than welcome!

The meetups would mostly be social activities - bars, dinners, movies, museums, etc. Possibly even stuff like treks, white water rafting, or other such activities depending on interest. Basically, opportunities to meet other singles in neutral settings and explore endless possibilities. This group will function only if we have adequate participation from both genders, which can sometimes be a challenge. And will have fairly low tolerance for inappropriateness, lewdness, unwanted attention, or a general inability to keep one's libido in check when interacting with other group members.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events