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This group is not only for Entrepreneurs, but for EVERYONE who is interested in Goal Setting, Motivation and Personal Development.

Have you ever set an achievable goal (e.g. loose weight) but could not stay motivated long enough to achieve it? Have you ever started doing something you really loved to do (e.g. write a book) but did not follow through because you "could not find the time"? Have you ever done something successfully in a group (e.g. a Yoga practice) that you could not do on your own?

You are not alone!

This group is a safe and supportive environment for people who seek inspiration and motivation in achieving their goals and to live the life they want.

In the meetings you will be introduced to scientifically proven methods and principles of motivation and goal setting. After you have defined a goal the group will offer to support you to take the necessary steps and to keep you on track. Every progress will be acknowledged and your success celebrated once you have achieved a particular goal.

Whether you set goals for relationships, career, health, fitness or personal development is completely up to you. Achieving small goals initially will boost your confidence and encourage you to approach more challenging life goals. Step by step you embark on a journey to self-actualisation, success and happiness.

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FREE 1 Day NLP & Life Coaching Seminar - Brisbane

Windsor Brisbane International

Could Coaching Be Your Future..? – Why Not Take us for a test drive! Come Along AND Test Drive Our ONE Day Interactive FREE NLP Life Coach Training Seminar on The Sunshine Coast… Join ...David Wright one of Australia's leading NLP & Leadership Coaching Trainers on this ONE DAY Event on The Sunshine Coast, David has been training and coaching people and businesses for over 15 years. On this FREE One Day Seminar Discover whether Coaching is the career for you..? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you ever found yourself offering advice to others? Or you have been the go to person who people seem to off load to or come to you regularly for advice? OR perhaps your just a natural born coach? Coaching is primarily based around achieving results… It’s solution-outcome based, and uses powerful proven tools and strategies to achieve success in many areas of human behaviour, including individuals, groups and corporations. "COACHING CAN OPEN UP A LIFETIME OF OPPORTUNITIES..." Whether for business, personal, sports, or for career purposes coaching offers a very satisfying career. Assisting others to achieve more success in their lives can be very fulfilling. If You want to Achieve Faster Results in your Career or Business, Personal Life, Relationships, and with others, then we have the tools you desire. What YOU Will Learn on your 1 Day FREE NLP Life Coach Training Seminar: Learn Life Coaching & NLP Fundamentals Practice Coaching Techniques and Skills Observe Coaching demonstrations Discover how Coaching Skills & NLP can make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of others Learn how to set Motivating Goals for Success Discover how to Achieve Better Results in your life much faster Create New Behaviours for more choice and alignment Create lasting outcomes that create motivation, success and confidence Learn skills of a full time NLP Performance Coach Learn to Motivate others for Peak Performance in Life, Sports & Business Learn the Power of Language and how it can affect our daily habits Learn Coaching Skills to Enhance your present day career Become a Leader in Your Field and assist others towards Success I want to enrol what do I do next…? Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming a coach, or even enrolling in a coaching course of some kind… If so, why not come along on our Interactive 1 Day FREE NLP Life Coach Training Seminar on The Sunshine Coast – and discover whether coaching is for you. Take Action today by joining us on your journey to becoming a person of influence through studying Human Excellence and Success. Surround yourself with like-minded people and the right environment to support your growth, success and take charge of your life, right now. Register TODAY online: https://dwconsultants.com.au/events/free-nlp-life-coach-seminar-brisbane/ Places limited to 40 ONLY ....

Cognitive NLP Coaching Certification

Windsor Brisbane International

Are looking to Learn the Powerful tools and skills of a Performance Coach and make an IMPACT with your staff and clients? When you study our Cognitive NLP Coaching Training - you will learn how to make a Powerful Impact in the lives and careers of others, as well as your own. Cognitive NLP Coaching is primarily based around achieving results... Results that you want to achieve in your Career, Business, Personal Life and your Relationships. Imagine being able to coach yourself also... You will discover the science behind creating a life full of PASSION - MOTIVATION - FULFILMENT and most importantly, Successful Results. We teach the most proven and powerful tools and techniques in applied psychology today. If you looking to improve your Leadership - Performance - Communication - State Management - Sales & Behavioural skills in your Business - Sports - Relationships - Career - Personal Life. NLP teaches you the skills to create more certainty and balance along with the powerful proven practical skills for creating more success. Do you feel capable of Achieving much more in your life - perhaps lack the skills or even the confidence Improve Communication skills in business, sales, management, coaching, relationships, and in your personal life Learn how to make an Impact with people and positively Influence others peoples lives and to create better two-way communication Create a sense of wholeness, clarity and congruence and shift those old perceptions that can sometimes make us feel stuck Learn true leadership qualities - learn new skills and take yourself to a higher logical level Elicit values for deeper understanding of a persons needs not being met During Cognitive NLP Coaching Certification Training, you will learn: Improve communication skills in business, management & relationships Discover the art of deep level communication - and how a person thinks for powerful influence Learn to change self re-enforcing habits Remove limitations, apprehensions and doubts The functions of The Subconscious Mind - Learn to communicate directly for faster results Elicit values to discover what is causing an individuals stress Learn how to create new behaviour's that take you to a new level Discover how to create long lasting successful outcomes Self manage your emotional state and be in 'response rather than reaction' Upgrade thinking patterns for more clarity, focus and decision making Cognitive NLP Coaching Certification / Accreditation The Cognitive NLP Coaching Certification Course is 2 Day life changing event for all levels of education and business. This course accredits you with an NLP Coaching Certification . Sign Up Today Take Action today by joining us on your journey to Human Excellence and Success. Surround yourself with like-minded people and the right environment to support your growth, success and taking charge of your life, right now. When is NOW the right time – Contact US NOW … Or Click on the Link below to Register for Cognitive NLP Coach Certification Sunshine Coast: Dates: February 1 - 2 (Places are limited to 12 only.) Early Bird Special: $497.00 (EB Special closes Jan 14th) Full Cost: $797.00 To sign up for the Cognitive NLP Coaching Certification Program click button below. http://quantumtraininginstitute.com/product/nlp-leadership-coach-certification/

Climbing Mt warning rain forrest walk with incredible views
Needs a date and time

Mt Warning National Park

This is an incredible walk with stunning views. It takes about 2 hours both ways, but its worth the effort. http://www.mtwarningrainforestpark.com/the-experience The Northern Rivers region of N.S.W is an area which encompasses the worlds oldest subtropical rainforests, magnificent beaches stretching from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay and mountains forged by ancient volcanoes more than 23 million years ago. The Mt Warning Rainforest Park is located right between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay providing the perfect base to explore the cosy mountain villages, lush rainforests, towering waterfalls, golden beaches, funky craft markets, hidden art galleries and the theme parks and nightlife of the Gold Coast.

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NLP Practitioner - Leadership Coach

Windsor Brisbane International

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