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I am raising my horn to call the women who resonate with the desire and longing of belonging in a group with profound connection and purpose. I want to give all women, particularly women who are driven and want to live more than an average life, an opportunity to be a part of something beautiful beyond the ordinary, to receive invaluable experiences that come from being part of a Circle. There are very limited spaces available but this is just the first round.

By hosting this Circle, my purpose is not to lead, but to participate and be immersed in a sacred space with Sisters who understand the value of being a part of an exclusive Circle, and are committed in creating this space with me. Although this is an open invitation, it is exclusive in that this Circle is not for everyone - that is not to say you are not worthy, but that this may simply just not be your time for Circle. There is a commitment in being a part of this - it is Not a drop-in Circle.

Circle will not always be an easy place to be in. Being part of this will not always be “fun”.

In this Circle, we call our Goddess selves to the forefront. As Goddesses, we meet things as they are - we face our human selves, we break down our own barriers, we practice effective communication, and we practice both receiving and giving real love.

You may get frustrated, upset, impatient - you might shout, you might not be able to say anything at all, you might cry. HOWEVER. You will also feel peace, joy, happiness, acceptance - you will smile, laugh and receive overwhelming love from your Sisters. You will confess, you will learn, you will GROW.

In this Circle, the exclusivity allows us to build not just one-time connections, but to build a foundation of real trust, opening our hearts to friendships that will last a lifetime, and to be able to delve deeper.

Circle is a place for us to allow our Goddess selves to take our human selves to another level. There is a strength in sisterhood that is undeniable, and I am inviting those who dare to help me create this exclusive Circle. TOGETHER we rise, Are you ready to embark on this journey with me Sister?

***Before any commitments are made, this Circle's Journey Outline will be sent via email when you have joined the group AND I will be holding prelude sessions for anyone interested in this Goddess Circle to meet me and others interested, ask any questions you may have and see if there is the right connection for you to commit to this Circle (there will be no fee for this initial meetup).***

What you can expect at all sessions (in no particular order):

A beautiful, warm space
Presencing practice
Heart meditation
Smudging with sage
Different rituals
Body movement (light stretching)
A core theme for intent

What you will receive when you commit to this group:

- A Monogrammed Notebook (and other little gifts along the way)
- Invaluable Experiences and Insight
- Growth and Confidence
- Our commitment to YOU

Your investment to yourself and commitment to the group:

13 sessions* Meeting bi-weekly for 6 months (Round 1)

$390 ($30/session)

-can be paid bi-weekly or monthly but there must be an understanding that there is a commitment in being in this group, these are not "drop-in" sessions
-this investment was carefully considered, however, I understand this may not fit everyone's budget and I do not want to alienate anyone because of cost. Please privately message me to discuss a solution if you want to commit to this Circle but are unable to commit $30/session.

*It is important for you to do your best to attend every session. Once the initial Circle has been made, we will decide together what days/times are best for us to meet.

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