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High Priestess Training - Class 6 of 12 (In Person)

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Note - There will not be a 2nd shift for this class

********NOTE NEW LOCATION ABOVE******** When you turn into the parking lot, follow the signs to the office where we will meet at 6:30 and then walk to the clubhouse next door. If you get here after that time, call me to come out and let you in. [masked]

Class 7 of 12

Continuing the personal power training portion of the class we will begin the third out of the four part of the healing series that will lead to a Reiki 1 certification. This lesson will further your knowledge on the chakra systems, sensing energies and colors and restoring them to good health.

You will also receive 2 of the four Reiki I attunements. You will leave this class stronger and greatly more aware of the power that you possess. Before we can heal and help others we must begin with ourselves. Note: These will be bi weekly classes. I will also be posting for Skype classes since there are those that can't make the in person classes and want to take the classes online.

What is a Priestess? A Priestess incarnates the Goddess aspect of her choice or the one that she has been designated to by the Universe. This may raise the question, if we already incarnate Goddess energy and therefore are Goddesses ourselves, then wouldn’t being a Priestess be a step down? Absolutely not, if anything it makes it even more important that we learn the principles and rituals of being a Priestess and how this helps us to further promote the Divine Feminine. We were placed here on our Sister Earth as Goddesses to help, heal and empower others as well advance in our own Spiritual journeys. In the days of old, people came to the Priestesses for help with all kinds of issues. The Priestesses in turn would do rituals, cleansings and healing techniques to manifest good health, good fortune or whatever was the desire of the people that came to them for help. She did readings and spiritual counselings. She made incenses, potions, called in the various Elemental, Planetary and Deified energies. Anyone can cast a spell but a Priestess combines energy work with her Spirituality, incorporating Divine Feminine Energy, specialized tools that are in the proper frequency with her energy. More importantly, there are rituals and ceremonies that the Priestess does for herself to keep herself energetically and spiritually strong. The Sun conjunct Venus transit this past June marked the return of the Divine Feminine. With that comes the need for more Priestesses as the Divine Feminine returns to power and more people will turn to us for help.