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Let's get together to eat our way around the world!.Here in the Bay Area, we are so lucky to have so many restaurants from so many different countries. Immigrants have settled in the Bay Area over the years, bringing along with them their native cooking customs, family recipes and knowledge of exotic ingredients. The result is a United Nations of cuisines celebrated in restaurants that allow locals to travel the world without ever leaving home.

So, if you are willing to embark in this adventure with us, we will start by going on Alphabetical order (for example, from letter A we could pick from countries such as:
Antigua & Barbuda
Australia ) and try a meal from a different country every time we meet. We will vote and decide on the country before we chose a restaurant. However, the idea is to pick a country's cuisines that is new to all of most of us!
Depending on the size of the group and on the weather we could have it indoors by going to a restaurant or outdoors, either in Dolores Park or Golden Gate Park.
We are always open to suggestions!
Look forward to meeting you all :-)

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Going Around the World Through Food Letter P => Philippines!!

Pampanguena Cuisine

Going Around the World Through Food Letter N => Nepal!!

Cuisine of Nepal Restaurant


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