Golang Brno meetup #1

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Come to get to know more about Go programming language to the very first Golang Brno meetup. Learn more during talks and workshops, meet skilled developers and have a great tech evening.

===== PROGRAM =====

• 1. The Go features I can't live without

Everyone have their own reasons to love or hate a programming language. In this opionated talk I'll share what makes Go special for me, and what I miss the most whenever I get to write code in a different language.
Expect to hear not only about features but why they matter, and how they make Go unique and special.

Speaker: Rodolfo Henrique Carvalho
Rodolfo is a developer at Red Hat, hacking on OpenShift, an open source PaaS written in Go. He also runs weekly coding dojos in Brno -- a great opportunity to learn more about Go and improve your programming skills.

https://github.com/rhcarvalho https://cz.linkedin.com/in/rhcarvalho

• 2. Duck! An interface love story.

Interfaces are my favorite feature in Golang. They allow you to do duck typing safely so you get the benefits of a staticly typed language and a dynamic language, safety and conciseness. This talk is a demonstration of the why and when of using duck typing in Go.

Speaker: Aaron Cruz
Aaron lives in the suburbs of Vienna. He coaches Go and Ruby freelancers on how to find more clients and to keep the ones they have. He speaks at Go and Ruby conferences around the world and organizes four tech related meetups in Vienna.

https://github.com/pferdefleisch https://twitter.com/mraaroncruz

• 3. The Go tool and the evolution of development productivity

It is time to exit that IDE and go back to the terminal. The Go tool is one of the most valuable, yet most overlooked feature. It plays a huge role in making Go one of the most productive languages around. Like a Swiss Army knife, it is a trusty companion for everyday development tasks, and I will show you what it can do for you.

Speaker: Dusan Lilic

Software engineer coming from Belgrade, he likes to test drive every piece of new technology out there. Speaker, freelancer and an open source contributor. Co-founded the Golang Belgrade meetup group to spread the love for Go.

https://github.com/kortemy https://twitter.com/kortemy_ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dusanlilic

• 4. TTL;DR Go channels internals

Go tries hard to help you with concurrency and it is doing pretty good job. But, there is always some but and this talk is about it. Go channels are great but not always and not everywhere. The talk aims to shed light on when and how to use them by revealing the internals.

Speaker: Vilibald Wanča, Apiary.io

Vilibald hacks on all sorts of stuff in Apiary.io and finds Go a good replacement for a lot of his C/C++ programming. Golang user since r60 release.

https://github.com/w-vi https://www.linkedin.com/in/vilibald-wanca-003b1233

The event is free to attend and open for everyone without registration.