What we're about

Join us - if you share any of these interests: —————————————————-
1. Passion for live music - listening to classical in all forms, jazz, American Songbook and discovering talented new singer-songwriters.
If you play an instrument at a high intermediate or at advanced level we can form chamber music groups and sightread repertoire and eventually perform in an informal setting.
2. Interest in contemporary art and desire to learn or improve your sketching, figure drawing and painting skills. We will invite models for figure drawing and have an occasional sitting session with an instructor.
Use a sketch pad or an iPad. ———————————————————
3. Love of dancing - all social forms, but with a focus on Swing Dance, Lindy, West Coast Swing, Argentinian Tango (add Hustle for me) - and Fusion Dance (my newest passion).
We will offer lessons and showcases.
Love to perform? The most passionate dancers will be invited to join Gold Coast Dancers to perform around CT and amaze everyone at holiday events and at summer music festivals and concerts.


Story Vine
4. Gift in writing poetry and in story telling. If you are writer or a poet you can read your pieces in an informal setting or ask another member to do it for you. Short stories and short plays in development would be quite welcome.

Let’s get real:
You can join to be an active member to play, draw, dance and/or write - or to be an audience member.
However, if you are not going to be participating in any events please skip this Meetup. You will be disinvited if you don’t attend on a regular basis. You can choose one or all of the art forms here but you are expected to participate :)

Age is just a number:
Couples, singles, college students, older teens are all welcome. No barriers to entry exist, except for not being respectful or tolerant, and the only admission ticket required is the love of the arts.

Cost: there are fees associated with various events. Gold Coast Society Club was created out of love for the arts but inviting instructors and holding events involves payments, so the members are asked to pay their fair share.
Everyone contributes, pure and simple.

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