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Golden age movement is focusing on activities for Awakening of humanity. Live life fully in presence, joy and happiness. We organise courses, events, meditations, initiations and Sacred Chamber processes.

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Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation

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Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation is a transmission of Divine Blessings through the eyes of an initiated Meditator. The intention of this meditation is to connect us to our Higher Self or to our Divine. This special and sacred form of meditation represents a consciousness portal to anchor the universal Presence in you deeper and deeper. The consciousness of the Supreme Light of Supreme Love invites you to deepen your connection between heart and brain. This meditation is a powerful blessing. It’s an awakening to love and wisdom, to your true nature. The meditation helps us to receive a good relationships ,joy, happiness and peace. The special procedure is simple – the receiver just looks into the eyes of the Meditator who has prepared himself to transfer this Divine energy of Supreme Light of Supreme Love.


Online event

CREATE We invite you to participate in our New online course CREATE A 3-hour course streamed Live from India simultaneously with other countries via interactive video teleconferencing. THIS EVENT IS ONLINE VIA ZOOM LIVESTREAM. This course can be done from the comfort of your home. If you are interested in our course please visit Eventbrite to register and buy a ticket. Link: Eventbrite: createuk.eventbrite.com After registration you will receive all information and zoom link. About the course: Come on the journey with us and create a life you wish for. Create health, wealth, happiness, and harmonious relationships. CREATE is an experience towards self-discovery and coherence between our internal and external perceptions. Our external world reflects our inner world. When our inner world changes, our external world will change as well. We are all incredible creators; however, we generally create unconsciously, producing unforeseen or undesirable results. Often, we are unable to fulfill the desires of our heart due to programs and conditioning. This powerful transformative course takes you on a journey to individual liberation where you can enjoy and discover your limitless possibilities. In this course we will experience and receive: -Increased awareness of how emotions are affecting our ability to CREATE changes in our consciousness -Cleansing and Balancing Energy -Unconditional Happiness -A Calm Mind & Profound Inner Peace -Enhanced Capacity for Success -Health Improvement -Harmonious Relationships -A Spiritual Gift to help you Grow Spiritually -A Worldly Gift that fulfils your important Wish or your Dream -Miracles in your Life Be immersed in Ancient Sacred Practices, Powerful Teachings and Meditations taught by Awakened Spiritual Teacher who prepares us for a powerful transmission of light and the power to CREATE abundance in all areas of our life. Don't miss this amazing OPPORTUNITY. Contact: For questions and more information contact Michaela Email: [masked] Eventbrite: createuk.eventbrite.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/goldenagemovementuk1 Price for course : 15,- GBP

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Golden Age Consciousness Meditation ( GACM) :ONLINE

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