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"Inheritor of a dying world, we call thee to the living beauty, wanderers in the wild darkness, we call thee to the gentle light, long has thou dwelt in darkness, quit the night and seek the day!"

Set up a call with us to learn more about our Order at https://www.ogdu.org/membership. (http://www.ogdu.org)

Welcome to the official Meetup group for the Grand Temple of Isis, Mighty Mother, Fellowship of the Golden Dawn Universum, serving members world-wide as well as locally in Southern California. The headquarter of the Order is currently based in the Los Angeles County, California and serves as the beacon of Light for all seekers of the true western esoteric mysteries.

The Golden Dawn System teachings include Qabala, Healing, Rosicrucian teachings, Egyptian Magic, Enochian Magic, Elemental magic, Planetary Magic, Astrology, Tarot Divination, Geomancy Divination, Alchemy, Hermetics, Talismans, Scrying, Astral Travel, Pathworking, Meditation, Incenses and Oils, Spyragics, the occult, spells and spellcraft, magic and magick, and much more!

Our Order provides the sincere seeker the opportunity to become part of a worldwide fraternity. In addition, we provide astral initiation and advancements for those who seek the light of the true mysteries of Light through the order of the Golden Dawn. Our Order provides long distance initiation where no Golden Dawn temple is nearby.

If you seek the light of hidden wisdom; if you are sincere and want to learn advanced teachings traditional to the classical Golden Dawn and if you seek fraternal friendship with other sincere like-minded people from around the world, then the Golden Dawn Temple of Isis is prepared to serve your desires to grow in Light, wisdom, magic and as far as your aspirations will take you.



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