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We believe that good relationships built on trust and performance are the key to this business. We are looking to expand our network, share our current network, and build more long term relationships based on trust and performance. Who We Are We are a group of real estate investors that have met through our own pursuits in growing our portfolios. Coming from various professional backgrounds, we have all started at ground zero and worked our way up to acquiring over $8.5 Million over 71 doors of real estate combined, consisting of single family dwellings and multiplexes primarily within the Golden Horseshoe and the US.


Our goal through this networking hub is to connect real estate investors and private lenders by offering a forum for people to gain value on specific topics and participate in a semi-structured networking session. What We Do Our organization is a connection point – a meeting place for like-minded people who are already investing in real estate or who are looking at getting started, as well as professionals, looking to invest in real estate passively.

We are NOT here to sell you anything or take advantage of you. Combined, we invested in various educational courses offered by Real Estate Gurus and we understand how they operate. We are not about that. We are what we call ourselves, a hub. Our purpose is to bring people together who can benefit from each other.



Having built our individual portfolios before meeting in 2012, we experienced the constraints of qualifying for traditional loans. Being turned away from conventional lenders was at first discouraging, but then we realized that we have graduated to the next stage of investing. This is where things really got exciting! By forming joint ventures, we have been able to help others enter real estate investing, leveraging our experience. If this is of interest to you, reach out to us any time, come out to one of our events and talk to us one-on-one, or post on our Facebook page.

We are also open to buying properties other investors are liquidating. We put on eight social nights a year and four larger quarterly events located in the Golden Horseshoe. We teach, bring in industry professionals to educate our hubbers and have structured and non-structured networking sessions with the goal of bringing people together.

We have a 3 Strike Rule for NO-SHOWS: When you RSVP your attendance to an event, and are unable to make it due to work commitments or last minute emergencies, kindly email the host at your earliest and let them know the reason for your absence.

However if you do not show up to an event, and do not advise the host, and you do this three times in a calendar year, then you will be removed from the group with no option to reapply.

Photo's: By attending events you consent to your photos being posted on the Golden Horseshoe Real Estate Investment Hub's social media sites and used for marketing purposes.

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