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The easiest way to describe what this group is about is to mention a popular teacher of this type of work; Eckhart Tolle and his 1st book, The Power of Now. Another one would be Byron Katie and "The Work". Adyashanti still another. Many others, but if you know of them, you can get an immediate feel for what this is about. There is no charge for these meetups.

If you don't know any of those teachers, the description below may give additional insight to the group.

This is a group intended to foster mindfulness, presence, being in the now, waking up to the true reality, or whatever name you want to put on it! There is both education and coaching via group workshops as well as the intent to establish a network with like minded individuals who are on the awakening path or have at least an inkling deep down that there is something more to us than just our story of who we are in our daily lives.

Have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to your passions in life? Why it is that you feel the need to pursue your passions to the point of obsession - whether it’s through extreme sports, intense exercise, entertainment, hunting, playing music, sex, drugs, being a workaholic, or something else?
What if you are driven to these passions not by chance, but because of the deeper satisfaction that arises from the momentary emptiness of your mind when you fully immerse yourself in the present?
We humans have an innate desire to free our minds from the endless stream of thoughts and feelings, but our Western culture of always “doing” something and continuously striving for goals requires constant, focused thought — typically about the past or the future, instead of what truly matters; the present moment!
However, deep within each of us is the longing to be still in our mind, to not think, to be at peace in the universal void. We have never been taught how to consciously recognize and fulfill this desire to live in the present, because our parents and school teachers have never learned how to do so either.
It is possible to learn how to calm your mind and bring the same mental tranquility of your most focused pursuits into all of your daily activities. You can learn to live fully in the present moment to find balance and happiness at any time, not just when you are pursuing your passions.
We are offering weekly group meetings for anyone who wants to explore the truth — that we are not our minds and we are not our thoughts. We will identify ways to cease our mental chatter without the need to “escape” in the passion of our external pursuits. Together, we’ll learn how to integrate and experience those same feelings of euphoria, serenity, and “completeness” in our everyday lives.
If you are ready to explore freeing your mind from persistent thoughts of your past and future, join us to discover how to ground yourself in the one true reality - that of the present moment.

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