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This is a group intended to foster mindfulness, presence, being in the now, waking up to the true reality, or whatever name you want to put on it. There is both education and coaching via weekly meetings as well as the intent to establish a network with like minded individuals who are on the path or have at least an inkling deep down that there is something more to us than just our story of who we are in our daily lives.

There is no charge for these weekly meetings. They are held each Thursday unless I am out of town.

The format is a 10 minute meditation followed by a brief 2 minute or so check in for those who want to. The intention for both is to bring us more in the present moment as a group. The first, meditation, is intended for us to INWARDLY be present, shaking off our past and future thoughts and noticing what's going on with us right now. The second, check in, is to OUTWARDLY be present, by bringing to the individuals who show up that day what is going on for you right now. It might be 2 minutes of what brought you here, or what's going on for you today, this week, or this year, or it might be as short as "Hi", as even that is connection to the group field in the present moment, which is the only intent. After the check in, the remaining time of the 1 1/2 hrs is freestyle. There is no preparation, planning, or agenda, other than to facilitate what arises in the present moment, created uniquely each time, from who shows up and what is created in the group field from the inward and outward beginnings. It may be more meditation (guided or unguided), it may be offering pointers to help see the truth, it may be answering a specific question that arises, etc. I believe my job, as the facilitator, is to get out of the way as much as possible, and allow that spontaneity to happen, both through me and others. This is where true intuition comes from.

For the first over 4 years of doing this weekly meeting, I had not put much about my background, but one of the main questions I would get is, what is my background...so here it is (feel free to skip this last section if this isn't a question in you): 7 years in a mindfulness type school (3400 hr program) studying many different mindfulness techniques and teachers work, then 3 years as an assistant teacher of it. The most known mindfulness-type person we studied was Eckhart Tolle and my first text book there was the Power of now). I have gone on to study with several mindfulness-type teachers including over 15 week-long silent retreats with Adyashanti, over 5 of his online courses and 100's of hrs of his audio teachings and books; Two, 9-day schools for the work with Byron Katie and a few 5 dayers with her and her books; 5 week-long meditation retreats with Rupert Spira and several of his books; a 7 day workshop with Gay and Katie Hendricks and his books; 4 years in the Diamond Approach/Ridhwan School; a 5 day retreat with Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) and several of his books; hundreds of hours of bodywork/Rolphing, lots of breathwork sessions, somatic processing therapy, and the like. I've worked personally quit a bit with John Chitty, Rhea Powers, Annie Brook, Mukti, and others. Robert Adams has probably been the most influential of teachers past. Mooji is probably my most influential teacher that I follow but have not been with personally. But most importantly above all else, has been hundreds of hours of personal "processing" work on my own, as you are your best teacher. For those who care or know about this sort of thing, yes, I've had an "awakening" several years ago; and, while that has been a hugely impactful and transformative part of my journey, I also am keenly aware that I didn't reach a goalpost with this shift; it just gave me a significantly different reference point upon which to continue working on myself--always being and always becoming.... I've been facilitating this weekly meeting on Meetup since January of 2016 every Thursday.

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