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I don’t know very many people who don’t have some kind of social anxiety. Very few people enjoy getting up and speaking in front of 150 people, or attending a networking event with a bunch of strangers, or walking into a crowded party by themselves. There’s just a basic fear there of being judged or embarrassing ourselves. Well...I used to feel that way too but, now, I not only enjoy those moments, I seek them out. And I’ve found I have a passion for helping others work through those same fears so they can thrive in those moments as well. So, I became a social charisma coach.

When I was a kid I was super awkward. I came from a Pakistani family of six that lived in the heart of the bible belt in Arlington, TX. Which means that my siblings and I were the only brown kids in an all-white school. I didn’t have a lot of friends, didn’t do a lot of play dates. I had a hard time connecting with other kids. This stuck with me as I got older and it manifested itself into extreme anxiety during social situations. Didn’t matter what I was doing - public speaking, dating, networking events - I would get completely overcome with anxiety anytime I’d even start to think about engaging in those activities and it was much worse in the moment - if I could even make it that far!

But, it all changed for me about three years ago after reading a book by Carol Dweck called Mindset. That book, which is about this idea that our brain is elastic and that we can re-wire the way we react to things even as adults, set off a series of events for me that completely transformed my life and allowed me to eradicate my social anxiety. Since then, I’m more easily able to connect with others, I have tons more self-confidence/self-esteem, I’m able to leave a positive impression on people and, most importantly, I’m able to represent who I really am in any situation.

My journey was a long and painful one and I learned a lot from it.

This group is for anyone who's navigating a similar journey and wants to learn the steps to own the room!

-- Nomi

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Workshop: Developing Your Social Charisma

Jefferson County Public Library - Lakewood Library

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