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Second Sundays at Sanctuary!
Join Spiritual Leader, Rebecca Nagy, on Second Sundays for this ground-breaking Satellite Group of Spiritual Light Center at Sanctuary Imports! Every month Rev. Rebecca will facilitate a lesson from the Sacred Sciences (esoteric astrology and numerology) and The Ageless Wisdom teachings, as given to humanity by the Himalayan Masters, also known as The Masters of Wisdom. These Esoteric Teachings are the very foundation of the truth which may be found in the various religions, philosophies, and sciences of the world - while being nonsectarian and universal. Every month we will cover a principle from these teachings followed by a channeled meditation practice that will help ignite your own Intuition in unfolding your Soul Purpose. Topics will include: * The Seven Rays and Initiations * The Rainbow Bridge * Theosophy * Esoteric Astrology * Universal Laws * the Kybalion ~ and much more! This is an opportunity to take your spiritual path to the next level and become a "Soul-infused Personality". YOU are the Ones we've been waiting for! SUGGESTED ENERGY EXCHANGE - $25

Sanctuary Imports

822 Lamar Avenue · Charlotte

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Are you ready to dive deep into your spiritual journey? Ready for change and transformation so that once and for all you can experience life from a Soul perspective? Then join Spiritual Leader, Reverend Rebecca Nagy and other Thought Leaders, as they share with you the Wisdom of the Ages. These teachings are the source materials of New Thought religions and philosophies which have since become crystallized and even fundamentalist. It is now time for us to go to that source to discover - and experience for ourselves, the beauty and richness of the Truth Teachings. Teachings that transcend organized religion and empower every being to become Divine.

We will explore different topics every week in either a "lunch and learn" environment at restaurants, Sunday lessons and meditation at Sanctuary Imports, and other hosting venues for discussion, classes and more. These will include the esoteric and gnostic philosophies,seed thought (esoteric) meditation, The Ancient (and Ageless) Wisdom Teachings, Karmic Astrology, Kabbalah, and Universal Laws (The Kybalion), to name a few!

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