D&D Campaign - Curse of Strahd

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Thunder rumbles and pouring rain pounds against the ancient stones of Castle Ravenloft as it squats forbiddingly atop the sheer cliff that overlooks the wretched village of Barovia. A bitter cold wind howls out of the west causing dead leaves to spin around the figure of a man in a billowing cloak that stands upon the ramparts. As the vampire, Count Strahd von Zarovich, lays his hand on one of the worn crenelations, lightning splits the sky, revealing his face. He has a regal bearing, and a look of power, tinged with madness.

Strahd's gaze is fixed on something in the village far below, yet not beyond the vampire's ken. A party of adventurers has just been called to his domain. The master of Ravenloft smiles a wicked smile. His dark plan is unfolding just to his liking. All that is left is to invite the newcomers for dinner.

This campaign is a gothic horror sandbox designed to take the players through the cursed land of Barovia, the domain of the vampire lord Strahd von Zarovich, and hopefully, defeat him. Play begins at first level and has the potential to rise easily into the highest tier of play. Players may use any WotC published material in creating their characters but are asked to consider the theme and build within it. Both champions of the light and devotees of the dark are welcome. Mature themes expected. Homebrew must be reviewed by the DM.

Ability scores should be generated via point-buy as described in the Player's Handbook.

$3/player minimum DM gratuity

DM: Ian Homan