Shadowrun 5e: Shadow Syndicate


A shadow organization operating within the world of shadowrunners. Seems appropriate. But can anyone really bring order to the shadows ruled by chaos?

As Shadowrunners, your characters are underworld mercenaries navigating a world interconnected by the digital Matrix, unpredictable Magics, and rampant cyber/bio augmentation; all tightly controlled by Mega Corporations bleeding the people dry. Think high fantasy meets dystopian Bladerunner future. Perhaps you make a difference in this bleak world.

I will be running a multinational campaign, beginning in Seattle ~2075, but spanning the globe. You will experience the full world of Shadowrun in this campaign!

This game is for new and experienced players alike, with a priority for players who are not regulars in the other Shadowrun games at Golem's Gate. Please sign up even if you're wait-listed; I'll rearrange seats based on who is in the other games.

New players are welcome AND encouraged! If you have no background in Shadowrun and are interested in playing, please PM me and we can put together a character together based on whatever concept you have in mind.

If you already have a character, please PM me a pdf of your character sheet -- I plan on tailoring missions to my table!

$3/player minimum GM gratuity

GM: Ray Waters