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Meet up for golf in Davis/Weber County!!! Do you have some free time to golf, but nobody to golf with? Join us and meet some new golf buddies in Weber and Davis County's. Sign up and post your availability and get out and ENJOY!!! Golfers of all ages and skill levels welcome. 12/20/2017. My name is Doug Howard and I have taken over Golf Buddies Weber/Davis. I am retired and able to schedule tee times almost any time for the convenience of our members. As in the past, I am hopeful others will continue to be organizers and schedule events. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or suggestions. Doug Howard (520) 240-6910 (call or text). I would like to thank Kent for his organization and support in the past.

Past events (125)

Let's Golf Before the Rain at Remuda!

Remuda Golf Course and Driving Range

Eagle Mountain in Brigham City

Eagle Mountain Golf Course

Saturday at Crane Field Golf Course

Crane Field Golf Course and Driving Range

El Monte After Work

El Monte Golf Course

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