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FRENCH CATHOLIC CHRISTMAS MARKET 2012 desperately needs people to commit to help price and sort.
Last year we had 5 very committed people (women) to price and sort and we wore ourselves out. It was much too big of a job. We need at least 10 people to price and 10 more to sort and we need men and women and young people who can handle those stairs.
With Fr. Griffith moving in we're kind of in a difficult state. We can't work in the dining room (but I'm working on it), the conference room on the first floor is gone, we have to work on the French Catholic Christmas Market when Fr. Griffith is not present in the house (Mon / Tues / Thurs / maybe Sat) and probably have to do the pricing downstairs in the basement. I have no idea what the conditions are or if there is a table and chairs.
Personally, my health is even a little more compromised than it was last year. I have to cut back. I really need someone to take over most of the French Catholic Christmas Market -- at least the physical aspects of it. I love to recruit the volunteers and make the graphs and signs and etc. but I can't do the physical activities and my mom can't either.
Please, if we hope to have an equally successful French Christmas Market in 2012 I really need A LOT more help in the preparation. We have to go faster and I can't go faster. I should be starting now, but we can't due to the Installation and the 135th Anniversary. I would like someone to specifically help my mom and I as well -- we will be managing the French Boutique and the Catholic Store.
There is already inventory in the basement ready to be marked.
Please come to the aid of the French Catholic Christmas Market. Let me know if you are interested in pricing or sorting and when you think you could do it each week.
Take care & God Bless
Judy Sicora
Project Manager
French Catholic Christmas Market 2012
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
P: (612) 379-2259 (church)
F: (612) 379-0165

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