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Welcome! If you've ever read about all the fun events in Berks, Lehigh, and Lancaster counties such as concerts, festivals, dances, outdoor music events, and new restaurants or if you've wanted to see a new movie, visit a winery or a museum, or just get off the couch and get out of the house, this may be the right group for you.

We're an energetic group of active people over 45 who have an enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer. Not all of us drink and not all of us dance, but we all share a common passion - we like to have fun! Most of us have gone through something that has left its mark, such as a divorce , the passing of a spouse or a companion, a lost love... but we eventually find ourselves to be too full of life to stop us from moving on. Now is the time to leave the past behind and begin to enjoy the "good times" life has to offer.

But how do we begin? Going out by ourselves is not as much fun as being out with a group of friends who share common interests. Good Times over 45 maybe the answer. We focus on making new friends and building friendships during lively laugh-filled group events. Every month we set a full schedule of well- planned activities providing a large variety of events to choose from. Of course, our event organizers welcome suggestions for places and events you think we would enjoy. You may be assured that even if it's your first time out with us , we make it easy for you to find us. We meet at preset times with your RSVP's providing us with an accurate count of the attendees . We have reserved table and pre-arranged spots where we wait for our members. We provide the host's phone number so you can contact us if you are running late, and we often car pool. All in all, we make it easy to meet for a "good time". So if this group is what you've been looking for, why not join us for Good Times over 45!

We have a few simple rules for our group, followed by our conduct policy:

First, please post a recent closeup photo of yourself so that we can recognize you at our events. A closeup photo of your face must remain on our site.

Second, post your first name. A last initial may be added.

Third, answer the few questions we've asked and list your interests. This will help us plan events you may enjoy.

Fourth, please RSVP to the the events you'll attend and be aware that there may be deadlines for the ones that require the hosts to make advance reservations. After you RSVP that you will attend, you do not need to confirm but you must let us know if you are cancelling.

Our common-sense code of conduct is meant to make all our members feel safe and comfortable at our events. It is as follows:

Genuinely anti-social comments or behavior, offensive personal hygiene issues and any harassment based on race or color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, age, ancestry or national origin will not be tolerated. Examples include but are not limited to unwelcome sexual advances, gestures, comments or contact; threats or behavior that appears threatening; offensive jokes;and ridicule, slurs, or derogatory actions.

The organization committee reserves the right to make changes and additions to any of the above policies and the right to refuse someone membership and to remove any member for any violation of our policies.

The following policy statement was added in July 2015.

GTO 45's 6 month anniversary has just passed and we're taking this moment to address an important issue. Overall, we are pleased with the success of our meetup. We have a great group of members and we've had lots of fun. We've had over 150 events and 80 more scheduled, more than most groups have had in such a short time. It takes many hours of work each week to find band schedules and venue schedules online. It involves hours on the phone and follow up phone calls to venues for reservations, and so a huge thank you goes out to all of our event organisers for all their hard work. And we do not have a lot of rules, but there is one that we must implement because we have a problem which must be addressed. That problem is habitual no-shows.

When you RSVP, we expect you to arrive. Our events, with rare exceptions, have a host. We look for you and in many cases make reservations based on your response. When you don't come, we must text or call or check online for messages. We understand that there could be a last minute emergency but some members have been no shows well over 10 times, and this is unacceptable. When we make reservations, our credibility is on the line, and we are in danger of losing certain venues because we did not fill those seats, which means the venue lost money. Most groups allow 3 no-shows and then you are out. We have been more than generous but that has come to an end.

You know who you are, so here's the rule for all of our members: Don't RSVP unless you know you will be there. If you must cancel, let us know by changing your RSVP in a timely fashion. Unless it's a true emergency, show up. This is just common sense, and it's common courtesy.

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Let's Play Online Pinochle!

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Let's Play Online Pinochle!

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