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This group is for classy, professional, fun, open-minded, friendly, sweet, drama free, outgoing, ladies who are at least 35 years young, love life and are willing to actually “Meet Up” with like minded women who don’t mind spending a few dollars or pitching in to have a good time. The goal is to actually get to know each other by participating in outings, events and activities. If you enjoy movies, yoga, painting with a paint brush in one hand and a cocktail in the other, parks, occasional light workouts, day or overnight and weekend trips, bowling, girly parties, laid back get togethers, laughing and having a reason to smile, new restaurants, wine, mini retreats, massages, reading a good book and discussing it with others, cultural, community and local events, playing cards, creating vision boards, relaxing spa days, cruising, a girls night out (that could be anywhere), relaxing nights in, candid conversations, live music and exploring Atlanta and surrounding areas-great! If there is something you’d like to do, feel free to inbox me and we can talk about setting it up. If you are serious about doing things that are designed to create Good Vibes Only...we welcome you.

However, if you are a prude, a shrewd, rude, stuck up, have a bad attitude or you do more frowning than smiling, if you are overly aggressive, or super controlling, please pass us by. If you enjoy and encourage confusion and complaining and keeping up mess, if you do not respect and appreciate privacy and you post your every move on social media, if you RSVP to everything and attend nothing, if you always have excuses to not come out (i.e. it’s raining, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s windy, I ate last week, it’s too far, I don’t know anybody in the group, I only have fun within 10 minutes of my house, I went somewhere yesterday or last week or last month, I don’t have fun during the week, I don’t have fun on the weekends, I only have fun if it’s free, etc.), this will not be your cup of tea...lol. Seriously. If you are simply too busy to meet new people, you like to join groups as an onlooker as opposed to as a participant, or you are not willing to drive or carpool to have a great time, please do not request to join this group because the things mentioned above are not conducive to Good Vibes Only.

Atlanta is a big city and the world is even bigger. There is so much to see and do. There is no "central location", so our events will be on different sides of town. If you know of something cool, fun and/or sexy to do on your side of town, let me know and we can post it as an event for the group. If you would like to host a posted event or a new event at your place, please let me know as well. The goal is for all of our ladies to explore the city, be open to different sides of town, support each other and grow into a circle of good vibes.

You MUST have a clear, current photo of your beautiful face on your profile. We all respect privacy, but we need to know who’s who. Straight, bi, bi-curious and lesbian women are welcome. This group is designed around getting out of our daily routines. That’s the only way to form new, genuine friendships and connections. Remember, if you do not fully answer the questions, and/or if you do not have a picture of yourself, your request will automatically be denied. Period.

Please be considerate. It takes time and planning to set up events, activities and outings that will be posted. Many things will be posted well in advance so that member schedules can be adjusted, if need be. If you RSVP and do not bother to update your RSVP to “Not Going” within 24 hours prior to the posted event, you are a "No Show" and you will be removed from the group.

As busy professional women, we have different schedules. To accommodate that reality, items will be posted for different days of the week. Of course, weekday things (Monday-Thursday) will only be for a couple hours and weekend (Friday-Sunday) things may be longer. Three or more opportunities to experience Good Vibes Only will be posted each month.

Once you are in the group, please:

1. Check the posted events.

2. RSVP to as many as you are interested in.

3. Be open to one initial phone conversation from Sunshine.

4. Attend at least one posted event within 15 days of being accepted.

Then, attend at least one posted event every 45 days to remain in the group. For safety’s sake, and to maintain quality interactions within Good Vibes Only...all trips, activities and events that are “overnight” are only open to those who have participated in three posted events prior to the overnight event so that you’ve had multiple opportunities to interact with other ladies.

All unopened drinks (alcohol and non alcohol) from private or residential events will be collected by the organizer to be used at future private events.

Two-way communication is important. Please read ALL event descriptions FULLY and respond to questions relevant to the events and/or what is posted on the discussion threads. If you can’t attend, that’s fine, no need to post that you “can’t attend”, just don’t RSVP or update accordingly. Under the individual event threads, please post about the Good Vibes you experienced and share photos there during or after the event. Feel free to inbox me with the other stuff, to keep our threads organized.

Finally, if you are rude or disrespectful to anyone in this group via thread, messages or in person, you’ll be removed because we are all about Good Vibes Only. :)

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