What we're about

There are 12 things we need you to know about Good Vibes Only:


--Good Vibes Only is for SINGLE, classy, professional, fun, open-minded, friendly, sweet, DRAMA FREE, outgoing, LADIES who are 34-48 years young.

--You must love life and SERIOUSLY be willing to actually “Meet Up” with like minded women who can spend a few dollars or pitch in to have a good time.


--The goal is to actually get to know each other and form genuine friendships by participating in outings, events and activities.

--Our group hosts many different events so that our members can chill, have fun and actually get to know each other. If there is something you’d like to do, feel free to inbox me and we can talk about setting it up.

--MEN, IT'S A LADIES ONLY GROUP. The name, Good Vibes Only, speaks volumes. If you are a WOMAN who is prude, a shrewd, rude, stuck up, have a bad attitude or you do more frowning than smiling, if you are overly aggressive, or super controlling, please pass us by.

--If you enjoy and encourage confusion, complaining and keeping up mess, if you do not respect and appreciate privacy and you post your every move on social media, if you RSVP to everything and attend nothing, please keep it pushing.

--If you always have excuses to not come out (i.e. it’s raining, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s windy, I ate last week, it’s too far, I don’t know anybody in the group, I’m too cute to carpool, I only have fun within 10 minutes of my house, I went somewhere yesterday or last week or last month, I don’t have fun during the week, I don’t have fun on the weekends, I only have fun if it’s free, etc.), this just will NOT be your cup of tea.

--If you are simply too busy to meet new people OR you like to join groups as a troll (i.e. a chronic onlooker) as opposed to being a participant, please choose another group to take up space in.

--We are actual people with real lives. YOU MUST have a CLEAR, RECENT photo of YOUR CURRENT FACE on your profile. Period.

--We need a clear and recent photo because we plan to meet you, so we need to know who we are looking for. We are looking for you based on your profile picture. If you decide to catfish us with an old picture, and show up to a meet up looking like another person, you will be removed from the group.

--Our intro questions count. If you do not fully answer the questions, your request will be denied. Period.

Atlanta is a big city and the world is even bigger. There is so much to see and do. There is no "central location", so our events will be on different sides of town. If you know of something cool, fun and/or sexy to do on your side of town, let me know and we may be able to post it as an event. If you would like to host a posted event or a new event at your place or someplace else, please let me know as well. We’ll bring the fun to you and clean up before we go. The goal is for all of our ladies to explore the city, be open to different sides of town, support each other and grow into a circle of good vibes.


—Be open to a welcome call from Sunshine. I sometimes reach out to our new members by phone. It’s just a casual welcome call, no stress.

--Attend the first event that appeals to you. There are many opportunities to experience Good Vibes Only each month. Reminders may be sent to you via text and/or the Meet Up app. Secure your spot when you RSVP for events.

--Our monthly dues are $14.99. They will increase to our regular dues of $25 in January 2021. There is a two week grace period to get your dues set up. If you don't set them up before the two week period, the system will automatically remove you from the group. If you feel a way about dues for participating in a quality group, please DO NOT request to join.

--Our dues cover cash prizes, giveaways, door prizes, game prizes, goody bags, gift cards, deposits, hostess stipends, planning expenses, etc. If you actively participate in our group, you will see what makes our group different. Dues cover things for the group as a whole and are not based on individual participation because everyone has the same opportunity to participate in all of our events each month by simply RSVP'ing. Your level of participation depends on your personal availability.

--We are forming a really close and cool group of women who are ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING and we have MANY DIVERSE opportunities to get together each month. Let’s be real, we spend more than $25 on two cocktails at bar or on one and a half trips to Chik-Fil-a...lol. It takes planning, money and time to create and maintain a successful group. WE truly do a lot with our members. So, if YOU WILL TRIP ABOUT $15-$25, PLEASE PASS us by.


--Be mindful of the RSVP DATES and payment info for events. A reservation fee will be required for most outings. This ranges from $5-up, based on the location and the details of the particular outing. This will secure your spot, activities for the event, admission, or it will go toward incidentals and fees required to make current or future reservations.

--This also MINIMIZES FAKE RSVP's. The individual event states if the fee is refundable, transferable or not. I try to keep everyone informed and on the same page, so ALWAYS READ the event details and updates.

--NO PLUS ONES unless it is cleared by the event organizer in advance OR if the posted event allows you to add a plus one when you RSVP. Period. Most of our events DO NOT allow plus ones. If you show up with an unauthorized plus one, you are not guaranteed accommodations and you will be banned from the group.

--Please monitor your RSVP's per the event details. It literally takes 2 seconds to update your RSVP. So, if you RSVP and do not bother to update your RSVP to “Not Going” 24 HOURS PRIOR to the posted event, and/or you do not show up, you are a "No Show" and you will be removed and banned from the group.


Ladies, please keep the following in mind:

--Check the posted events and be sure to READ all the DETAILS. RSVP to as many as you are interested in because we keep our Meet Ups fairly small to encourage interaction of the members who attend. We want our ladies to get to know each other and engage with one another.

--Pay your dues through the site to avoid being removed by the Meet Up site.

--Try your best to attend at least one event each month. If you go three consecutive months without attending an event, you may be removed from the group.

--Please plan to be on time for events. There is often a prize for those who arrive on time.


--These spaces are usually limited AND fill up quickly. The spots go to those who are FIRST to RSVP AND SECURE their spot with payment.

--We usually do a conference call, a Zoom or a get together just for the ladies going on a trip PRIOR to the trip to get everything taken care of and to answer any last minute questions. Be sure to be on the scheduled call, Zoom or event.

--For safety’s sake, and to maintain quality interactions within Good Vibes Only...all “overnight” trips, activities and events that are “overnight” are only open to those who have participated in FIVE EVENTS PRIOR to the overnight event so that everyone has had multiple opportunities to chill together and get to know each other.

--Ladies choose their own roommates. Depending on the trip, the accommodations range from separate beds or two ladies to a queen or king sized bed.


--Our in house events are all you can eat and all you can drink. Typically, the food is taken care of and you will be asked to bring a 750ml bottle (or larger) of good liquor or wine. The info will be plainly stated in the event details.

--All unopened drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) from our events will be collected by the organizer and transferred to a future event. It's tacky and selfish to bring a bottle and take it back. We don't do that.


--Two-way communication is important. Please read ALL event descriptions. FULLY RESPOND to questions relevant to the events and/or what is posted on the discussion threads.

--If you can’t attend an event, that’s fine, DO NOT POST “can’t attend”, just don’t RSVP or update accordingly.

--After an event, please post about the Good Vibes you experienced and share photos there during or after the event.

--Feel free to inbox or text me with the other stuff, to keep our threads organized.

--Finally, if you are rude, disrespectful, catty, standoffish, etc. to anyone in this group via thread, messages or in person, you’ll be removed because we are all about Good Vibes Only. :)

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