What we're about

This is the group of people uses technology to transform lives in a good way. When we meet, we will

(1) (Learn to code with a lot of fun) => { Make that money !!! } ||

(2) if (help.needed === true) { Try to solve technical challenges faced by some of the non-profits } ||

(3) Fixing the code/bug you bring with a peer programming model ||

(4) Anything (code + fun) => { for the greater good }

int i = 0;

ps i++: How to code photo courtesy - Phil Haack's http://www.haacked.com

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Coding Cocktail

The Playwright Irish Pub

This is a multi-group meetup event. Also posted on eventbrite/ticketleap and similar sites. RSVPs are limited due to space constraints. This event FREE to attend. Pay for what you eat and drink. :-) Programmers come in different forms and shapes - just like the languages they practice. This event is an invite to a Social mixer, where we could meet and share some drunken wisdom and collaboratively wonder where the tech is taking us. Jokes apart, everyone is welcome. I felt the need to have a fun event - for creators of tech, where we could share what we are doing over a drink or two. Learn something new from a fellow participant, hear about how 'tech nyc' is doing, discuss what is out there/not out there yet. In short, meet fellow coders and innovators in a light setting. Others surrounding tech are welcome as well, such as recruiters and alike - Come hear us talk in 'floating'-points. This is organized as a mixer, and there are no presentations. The Playwright Irish pub has a nice happy hour from 4pm-8pm. Here are the details. Location: http://www.playwrightirishpubnyc.com Happy Hour - http://www.playwrightirishpubnyc.com/happy-hour So to answer the question on the image - 1. For each shot of Orange Juice add 1 shot of gin 2. For each shot of gin add 1 shot of Sweet vermouth. 3. For each shot of sweet vermouth add 1 Maraschino cherry. 4. For each Maraschino cherry add one shot of Orange Juice. ps: The image of stack overflow cocktail and the above answers were actually part of a (meta) stackoverflow question. Courtesy to the respective authors.

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What they didn't teach you about programming(Multi-group event)

The Austin Space Coworking and Technology Academy

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