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We are looking for big city friends in a small beach-front town, or let's say diverse friends. Good people you can trust and enjoy doing good things with. I know there are more of you here than just me who are wanting that group of good people to socialize on regular basis. If you are new to area, welcome!

We are accepting of all cultures and crave intelligent conversation, and value everyone’s opinion, especially if we disagree. We feel all have something to learn not just teach, wish to connect with all peoples. We are of all ages and diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Are you desiring the connection with a group of good people whom you laugh with and accept you for who you are? Do you appreciate that every person you meet is one-of-a-kind and you can learn from everyone? If you are NOT looking for your next ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, just friends, that's us . Join some intelligent people who care about other people, and respect the differences in all of us.

Please come use your hands to speak, be engaging, be a little quirky, Laugh too loud, talk too much, get passionate about ideas, or quiet. please come dressed comfy, or wild, or cool or cultural. I only ask that you accept or at least attempt to accept every member you meet. You've heard the expression She's / He's "Good people" ...that's us.

Over or under 40? (we'll accept anyone if you want in :), in or around Ormond Beach? (but you can live in Connecticut if you don't mind flying in for the meetings!). Are you getting the feel of this group yet? Miss having some good-natured, good-hearted friends or family?

Are you NOT defined by one aspect of yourself: religion, career, family, I.Q., nationality, age, background, looks, politics, weight, financials? Good! Do you like to have a group you can count on like family? but don't seem to have them here? Old-fashioned social club for some get together and group events.

This groups mission is to have fun, help one another, go to breakfast, lunch, dinner, share ideas, tell stories, joy, laugh, go to the movies, festivals, learn something new, a play, self-improvement, not improving, family-style get together, being accepted for who you are because life is too short. Life can be exhausting, take a break!

This IS A POSITIVE group of genuine people who don't feel the need to put others down to bring themselves up. Let's help each other in other ways too. Be honest now, is this you? Friends who feel like family. Open, honest and good people. Now then, if you're comfortable in your own skin, like yourself, are a positive-thinking person who respects others opinions and has manners JOIN US. Come have some laughs with people and please JOIN in.

Do we get joy from spreading joy and being helpful? Good, come bring your goofy, happy, quiet, talkative, outgoing, introverted, whatever personality that is first and foremost KIND, to meet others like you. YES YOU CAN MAKE GOOD FRIENDS OVER 40!!!! This group is for over 40 people with ideas, joking around, acceptance of everyone, not assets, righteous folks, not self-righteous ones, and people who return messages. LOL

Are you a little rusty at connecting with folks, that's ok. COME JOIN US! Don't be a hermit! Are you looking for a community that helps one another and Laughs while doing it? I really don't care about what my neighbor is wearing to church or if she's going to church at all, do you?

So let's find each other and have some intelligent, or not, conversation, fun, go see movies, museums, support one another dreams, come together to help one another or others, have breakfast together, you can be from New England or England or Out of Space. Do you think pets are dirty and should not be in the house? ...ok, well let's not get crazy here. You have to like pets. They're the best kind of good peeps.

Let’s try new things or talk about the old things that work, sharing a meal, compassionate conversation and laughing together. I think you're great already! Come make this group our tribe, gang, family. I'm a trust-worthy soul. I need more around me who got integrity, morals. love to be in service. Love people but maybe you've not met such lovable ones for a while?

Help me make this a positive, loving tribe of good peeps that you smile when you think of and are proud to know. Just forming a GOOD PEEPS community!

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