What we're about

[Update: with some experience running this thing under my belt, I'd like to add two new rules and an announcement. Rule 1: If no one has RSVP'd for an event by 8PM the night before, the event is cancelled at my discretion (if it's a hike I may just go anyway.) Second, if you RSVP for an event after 8PM the night before, your RSVP will not be counted. If the event is held, you can still show up! If it's cancelled, though, your RSVP will not un-cancel it.

Announcement: Since some of our events are held in places with bad data coverage, I'll be giving out my cell to everyone who RSVP'd around 8PM the night before, increasing the chances that we can communicate. Text is better than call in this case, but please include your Meetup name in the message!)

Hello! I'm creating this meetup because I'd like to make friends interested in fitness who are beginners like me. Let's keep each other motivated and help other members with bumps in the road!

I'll be scheduling free events like runs, hikes, yoga, and exercise in parks, but if you have a paid event you'd like to attend with the group, just start a discussion and we'll make it work.

Because our group caters to beginners, it is also a good place for kids and people with disabilities. All are welcome! There will be more difficult events planned but they will be labeled as such.

Let's get off the couch and start our journey to being fitness warriors!

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