Free! Negative Keywords - How to Exclude Irrelevant Traffic

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How do you avoid irrelevant impressions, low CTR and your ad showing on searches you really don't want to be affiliated with? Negative keywords!

How do you improve overall quality scores, lower your costs and avoid people who will end up buying on Amazon anyway? Negative keywords!

In this session we'll talk about what negative keywords are, how they work and how you can manage them most efficiently. We will go into detail about how the Shared Library keyword lists are the best thing since sliced (wholegrain) bread, and how you should organise your negative keywords in ad groups, campaigns and lists. Other things we will also talk about are negative keyword conflicts, match types, reviewing your negative keyword lists and using comments to keep track of them - and much more.

We'll even share standard negative keyword lists you can pop straight into your account to get rid of irrelevant traffic immediately!

See you on Tuesday July 12 at CodeBase - enter through 38 Castle Terrace (by the roundabout) and follow the signs.