Android Hack Night: Google Volley

Hosted by Google Developer Group Boulder

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This is a past event

25 people went


Get your app to talking API's, Webservices and the greater internet! We will be exploring Google Volley, a library that makes HTTP networking easy. We will have a fun challenge for everyone from beginner to expert.

Android Hack Night is for everyone who's interested in Android programming. If you...

• Have no Android experience:
Install Android Studio on your laptop.

• Live and breathe Android:
Come help others, or, if you are brave take the challenge to the next level.

• Everyone in between:
Come and enjoy the talk and see how far you can get on the challenge.

We will all be coding, so don't forget your laptops, chargers, Android devices and USB cables!

Note: In addition to the RSVP, please also fill the badge form so we can let you into the Google building: