• Flutter Intro @freiheit.com


    Flutter is a cutting edge framework from Google for developing mobile applications on iOS & Android which will be the topic of this event. We will start this meetup with a brief overview and show cases of what we do with Flutter at freiheit.com and why we like it. Afterwards Johannes will give a more detailed introduction to Flutter to get you started. After his talk you will know how Flutter's architecture works in general for creating high performance mobile applications. In the second part of the talk, Johannes will investigate how to build a simple Flutter application with the BloC pattern, which helps you to create mobile applications with a simple and clean architecture. About the Speaker: Johannes Milke is a Flutter Software Engineer from Berlin who recently graduated from FH Lübeck university with a degree in Applied Science of Information Technology and Software Engineering. In his bachelor thesis, he has focused on evaluating Flutter and developing mobile business applications for service providers and their customers.

  • Google I/O Extended Hamburg 2019

    betahaus - coworking hamburg

    Hello! Google I/O is here again! Taking place in Mountain View, it will give us insights into the newest innovations. Come join us to watch the keynote live stream, share the excitement on new products and technology announcements. We will open the doors at 18:00 and start at 18:30 with a short introduction of the Hacker School and the sponsors and watch the Google keynote from 19:00. The keynote will last until about 20:30. After that there will be time for some drinks. We will NOT stream the Developer Keynote at 21:45 because experience shows that 80% of people leave after the first keynote. Please register now to secure your spot as space is limited. We are very much looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Codelab Thursday - Category: Firebase

    betahaus - coworking hamburg

    This is the first event in a series of events where we will be doing Codelabs together. The idea is that we meet on the last Thursday of each month and make Codelabs on a specific topic. Nobody prepares anything and we just help each other. (Most of the time something doesn't work when you install it or you can just talk directly about ambiguities) This first time, the category should be "Firebase". At the beginning we will ask who wants to do what and then we will sit down. Everyone is invited and we are happy if there are Firebase professionals who want to support us. Supporter: This event is kindly supported by tomorrow.one with space and drinks, who are currently looking for developers. So take a look at https://www.tomorrow.one/de-de/jobs if you want to change your career. If you are interested in another topic for the next Codelab-Thursdays and/or a company that would like to support us, please write me personally!

  • Flutter Live Viewing Party


    Together with https://freiheit.com, we would like to invite you all to be part of a viewing party for Flutter - Google’s new Mobile App SDK! On December 4th at 5:00 PM, we will be hosting Flutter Live at Freiheit.com where Google will share a variety of news and updates about Flutter. We would love for you all to be part of it. In addition to the live session, prior to the keynote, we'll give a warm-up talk about our adventures with the Google Maps flutter plugin at freiheit.com. The event is free of charge, and everyone is invited. Registration will close at 50 attendees. You can register through here. We will be updating this page periodically with news, schedules, and more. Be a part of the celebration and join us in a live viewing party on December 4th! Also, if you are interested in Flutter, please take a look at it here: https://flutter.io View Party Schedule 17:00 Welcome 17:15 Adventures with Google Maps Flutter plugin 18:00 Keynote live stream 19:30 Continued live stream and open discussion In case you can't join from the beginning, feel free to join later for the keynote live stream only.

  • DACHFest 2018 (DevFest DACH)

    TU Munich

    For this year's DevFest season, GDG and WTM communities of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are all working together to organize our largest event yet: DACHFest! DACHFest is a two-day DevFest conference focused on making a difference. Meet technology experts, discover all the different ways in which emerging technology is transforming lives, find out how to make your apps and websites friendly towards everyone, learn the secrets of building and nurturing a diverse community — let our speakers surprise and inspire you! And don't forget to make new friends: there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people passionate about your favorite things. ❤️ Join us in Munich on November 10–11 for two days full of talks, workshops, showcases, networking, and fun! DACHFest is a paid event, but diversity scholarships are available for people who belong to underrepresented groups in tech or cannot afford a ticket. Website: https://dachfest.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dachfest Call for papers (until September 15): http://papercall.io/dachfest18

  • Let's FLUTTER

    Jimdo GmbH

    We are happy to invite you for an evening dedicated to Flutter, Google's new mobile app framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on Android and iOS. We are happy to welcome 2 speakers that already have experience with this promising new technology. Matthias Friedrich is going to talk about the Jimdo mobile team's experience building their latest app with Flutter: "PRODUCTION FLUTTER'ing End of 2017 we were about to start work on a completely new app that should lay ground for our whole companies mobile app strategy for the years to come. We decided to join forces of our two existing native mobile app developer teams and use Flutter, Google’s new cross-platform framework for Android and iOS. Advantages like really well working hot-reload, complete code sharing for both platforms and a modern, reactive ui framework are just too good to be ignored. But Flutter is still in an early state and with that has its teething troubles and also very own shortcomings. In the first part of this talk I want to share the overall experience we made building our very first Flutter app and running it in production for over 3 months. The second half then goes full into live coding mode to show one of Flutter’s strengths: the easiness to build a fully customized animated graph, the visual highlight of our still small but beautiful app. After the talk you hopefully have a better picture of what Flutter is capable of, its state of maturity and which use-cases it’s already great to be taken for." The second will be held by Brian Egan, early Flutter contributor and DartConf18 speaker: "BUILD A REACTIVE FLUTTER APP! Interested in Flutter, but love RxJava and MVI? Curious about how to structure Flutter apps? If so, join along as we explore how to architect apps using using Dart Streams! We'll cover the basics of Streams, how to beef up their power with RxDart, and how to create a Reactive Application with these patterns. This talk will cover the Bloc pattern introduced by Google. It's similar to MVI, and helps layer your apps, allowing you to write business logic that works flawlessly across three platforms: iOS, Android, and web. Come learn a bit more about Flutter and the architecture patterns that can help give your apps a testable, reusable, and cohesive structure!"

  • I/O Extended 2018 Hamburg @Freenet extension!

    Freenet GmbH

    Freenet offers an additional place to watch the IO together! Drinks and Food (also vegetarian) will be provided by Freenet! Beside that, everything else is like we do it at Google! Agenda: 18:30 Open Doors 19:00 - 20:30 Watching Google I/O Keynote 20:30 - 21:45 Break 21:45 - 22:45 Developer Keynote 23:00 End If you plan to attend here, please reject your seat at Google, also if you are on the waitinglist!

  • I/O Extended 2018 Hamburg

    Google Hamburg

    Agenda: 18:30 Open Doors 19:00 - 20:30 Watching Google I/O Keynote 20:30 - 21:45 Flutter Intro AND/OR Flutter Codelab 21:45 - 22:45 Developer Keynote 23:00 End There is a (lunch-)break between the two keynotes and usually most people are leaving after the first Keynote. We will provide a short Flutter Introduction and a Flutter Codelab during the break. You'll need your laptop for the codelab, of course. The second Keynote is the Developer-Keynote and contains the more interesting stuff. There will be also some food and drinks. HELP NEEDED: I'm also looking for people helping me with the flutter codelab. Please direct message me (Marco) if you want to help.

  • Mobile Sites Certification Study Jam

    Holisticon AG

    **What we'll do** At the Mobile Site Certification Study Jam we will learn together and take the Mobil Site Exam in one day. Some basic web development skills are required. About the Mobile Sites certification: The Mobile Sites certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of mobile website design and development. A Mobile Sites certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in mobile sites. (Taken from https://support.google.com/partners/answer/7358898?hl=en) **What to bring** Laptop, good mood.

  • Developing content for the new Google Earth

    Betahaus Hamburg

    Abstract: Earlier this year, Google has released a new version of Google Earth for web and mobile. One of Google Earth’s exciting new features is Voyager – a platform for stories around the globe. With Voyager, Google Earth not only takes you to your desired destination, but immerses you into a global adventure where there’s a lot to do, learn, and explore. For the past year, Ubilabs has been supporting Google in the designing, production and processing of this content. Coming up with unique approaches to storytelling and translating these ideas to Voyager’s functional and visual features has been a challenging experience. Among the content is an interactive special for the 2017 solar eclipse, a series of stories about the Brazilian rainforest, and adaptations of existing Google content like Treks and Streetview Collections. In this presentation we talk about our experiences of developing Voyager stories: the need for new storytelling approaches, technical challenges, and working on a all new product. About the speaker: Patrick Mast is project owner at Ubilabs. As part of a team of map geeks he works on bringing mapping solutions to the edge of technology. Ever since he received is first handheld GPS receiver in the 90s he has been addicted to maps and geolocations: locating himself on the globe, visualising data in a geographic context, gaining new insights by analysing geographical data. After studying Artificial Intelligence in Amsterdam he came back to Germany to first work in the marine business: locating vessels and analysing their movement around the globe. At Ubilabs he now found his home between like minded people, focussing fully on mapping up the world.