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#GophersDA | JIT me, baby, just in time

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#GophersDA | JIT me, baby, just in time


Hallo Gophers,
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diesen Monat findet das Go Meetup erneut bei cosee statt und wir haben Thorsten Ball mit einem spannenden Vortrag bei uns zu Gast! 🏠

Wir bieten dir die Möglichkeit, alle Go bezogenen Themen bei einem Snack und kühlen Getränk ins Gespräch zu bringen. Hast du ein cooles Sideproject oder etwas interessantes über Go zu berichten? Bring es einfach mit zum Meetup, es wird sicherlich eine interessante Diskussion! 😁


This months Go meetup again takes place at cosee with Thorsten Ball as special guest.

It doesn't matter if you are new to Go or an experienced Gopher. If you are interested in GoLang this is the place to be.
Do you have a cool side project or something interesting to talk about all things Go? Grab a drink and some snacks and tell us your story! 😊


Thorsten Ball: JIT me, baby, just in time

In this talk we're going to build an interpreter for the esoteric programming language Brainfuck in the form of a virtual machine. Then we're going to speed it up turning it into a Just-In-Time compiler that generates Go code on the fly and leverages Go's plugin system to turn Brainfuck code into machine code — while it's running.

Thorsten also wrote two books called "Writing an compiler in Go" and "Writing an interpreter in Go".
cosee GmbH
Mina-Rees-Straße 8 · Darmstadt
How to find us

Mit dem K-Bus zur Haltestelle Mina-Rees-Str. oder maximal 10 Minuten vom Darmstädter Hauptbahnhof

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