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Ignore day & time. My present circumstances is by gifting, sharing knowledge, pouring my heart out online. Soon to be put out onto paper BY Christmas, to distribute to offline strangers as well. I'm a regular everybody, who presently has LOTS of at-home time. I don't sell anything. I made 2 Natural health FB Groups 1 for Humans & 1 for Pet Rabbits. It hurts me when one is sick, only way presently for me to help is via online. I did INTENSE research for my sister who had 1 month to 1.5 yrs. to live w/Glioblastoma Grade 4 Brain Cancer, she's still doing great after almost 15 yrs., most don't live past 5 yrs. I also help my Bunny Rabbit in natural health too! UNfortunately SOME natural health info is NOT all accurate & or only 1/2 truths/distortions. & I've already done all research. I believe in SIMPLE & as low cost as possible remedies. Here are my 2 FB Groups "Truly Natural Human Health & Prevention Strategies" & "Truly Natural Bunny Health & Prevention Strategies" There's also Files Tab Documents in both Groups with a wealth of info. In File Tabs For Humans: Water Filter Ideas Cheap, Low Cost & Expensive (even Includes an easy Homemade Water Filter & Portable Water Filter too!) Heart Issues Info Natural Remedies (Understanding Cholesterol, Lipids, Amino Acids & Saturated Fats, & IMPORTANCE of GOOD fats & minerals for a Healthy heart & REAL cause of Heart Disease is Inflammation, & Natural Remedies to lower Cholesterol & Inflammation etc.) IF I HAD CANCER WHAT I WOULD DO, List of Every Website 4 Natural Health and Recipes, Organic and Local Farms List, Big List Every Natural Health Book & Recipes. Kombucha Info & Homemade Kombucha, Saurkraut Info & Homemade Saurkraut, Ultimate Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe, Easy SUPERfooding ALL Foods. Heal Most Diseases Simple Remedy (A Compiled knowledge of EVERYTHING Whole Salt Minerals does for your body & My Favorite Water Cures Remedy!) Kidney Stones Remedy (My husband Joe was well in 2 days with this simple remedy in addition to the help of the HIGH Pain medication the first night at the E.R.) Vaccine info, & history on FDA Medical Symbol & Pharmacy DEFINTION: Pharmacopeia Pharmakeia means Sorcery (Most DRUGS are Craft aka Witchcraft (mind control) by it's OWN original Greek definition!) In File Tabs for Bunny Rabbits My GI Stasis Remedy, My Bunny First Aid Kit, Homemade Bunny Nebulizer & Nasal Drops, Pain Relief for Bunnies, Safe & UNsafe Plant List, How To Litter Train & Houseproof, Dangers of Microban Triclosan in Plastic, Flea Remedy, Bloat in Bunnies, Bunny Bathing Dry & Wet. I've not put into a File Tab yet, BUT there are posts in the Group on Pasteurella Snuffles Remedies & what I did for our Bunny who had it. WHATEVER you don't agree with just ignore & learn about what you do agree with & is comfortable. FREE will is a beautiful thing. AND anyone who looks at any of my posts, is also gifted by me including them in my prayers for them almost every day.

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What we're about

Everyone should join. I am a regular everyday person who has a LOT of knowledge & understanding. I wish to share it all. You may not agree with it all. My desire is to just be an information resource & you take it from there & study & research it all out & form your OWN opinion based on what you read, see & hear.

NO judgments here, you are cared about & loved regardless of your race & or who you choose to be, your sexual identity, your chosen Gender. I am a Born again Christian, & my knowledge is based on many things...

1. What I believe is going on in America & the whole wide world & how it is lining up in detail to the Bible.

2. In Natural Health information as well. Learn how to DIY with low cost whole food remedies, to build up Immunity & to restore health when we do get sick.

It's online at the moment. I leave info in Meetup Topics, just ignore date & time. Pamphlets will be passed out BY Christmas to take home with every thing you NEED to know, about World News & Events & Natural Health as well! With recommended Books, websites & search words to Google in order for you to do your own investigating.

I don't push, I am not rude or disrespectful, if I hurt you, because I am human & imperfect, I would certainly apologize. I am ONLY kind, loving & caring, but I do have strong beliefs, not everybody is going to agree with me, nor I with you. JUST TAKE WHAT YOU CAN USE FROM ME & DISREGARD ANYTHING YOU DISAGREE WITH. USE ME FOR INFORMATION REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT ME OR MY BELIEFS. BECAUSE I LOVE EVERYONE & WANT TO BE OF HELP TO EVERYONE, I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE FRIEND OR FOE.

I only want to help you. I don't ever want to hurt anyone, it is not my intention. I merely explain & present how I see it, understand it & want to help YOU to use your OWN Critical Thinking Skills & common sense & make your OWN mind up. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO FACT CHECK EVERYTHING I SAY. I don't want anyone to take MY word for anything, you must decide, be convinced in your OWN mind what to choose to believe & how to interpret it all in your OWN heart & mind.

EVEN IF you are not interested in joining, please enjoy looking in the PHOTOS section either way, lots of encouraging, inspiring quotes for your life :)

I will NOT meet with a man alone, it would have to be in the open or while my husband is present at home.

IF you need to contact me I am available every day (EXCEPT Tues and Weds.) until 4 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays until 10 p.m.

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