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Everyone should join. I am a regular everyday person who has a LOT of knowledge & understanding. I wish to share it all. You may not agree with it all. My desire is to just be an information resource & you take it from there & study & research it all out & form your OWN opinion based on what you read, see & hear.

NO judgments here, you are cared about & loved regardless of your race & or who you choose to be, your sexual identity, your chosen Gender. I am a Born again Christian, & my knowledge is based on many things...

1. What I believe is going on in America & the whole wide world & how it is lining up in detail to the Bible.

2. In Natural Health information as well. Learn how to DIY with low cost whole food remedies, to build up Immunity & to restore health when we do get sick.

In my NEW PDF Book titled "Everything You Need To Know NOW ASAP!" is free to the Public for Download, You can find it at https://yoursomebunny.blogspot.com or in my FB Profile Page.

It has everything you ever needed to know about World News & Events & Natural Health as well! With recommended Books, websites & search words to Google in order for you to do your own investigating.

I don't push, I am not rude or disrespectful, if I hurt you, because I am human & imperfect, I would certainly apologize. I am ONLY kind, loving & caring, but I do have strong beliefs, not everybody is going to agree with me, nor I with you.


I only want to help you. I don't ever want to hurt anyone, it is not my intention. I merely explain & present how I see it, understand it & want to help YOU to use your OWN Critical Thinking Skills & common sense & make your OWN mind up.

I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO FACT CHECK EVERYTHING I SAY. I don't want anyone to take MY word for anything, you must decide, be convinced in your OWN mind what to choose to believe & how to interpret it all in your OWN heart & mind.

EVEN IF you are not interested in joining, please enjoy looking in the PHOTOS section either way, lots of encouraging, inspiring quotes for your life :)

I will NOT meet with a man alone, it would have to be in the open or while my husband is present at home.

IF you need to contact me I am available every day (EXCEPT Tues and Weds.) until 4 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays until 10 p.m.

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Egyptian NEWS On Book Of The Dead


Ignore date & time, this is Online News. IF you follow Pharaoh Ra lower case g god, you follow an INFERIOR god with INFERIOR Laws. By Ra's own admission he ADMITS there IS a Supreme God, who is EVEN OVER HIM, & who established laws & commandments. In The Egyptian Book Of The Dead the words of lower case g god Ra Amen (NOT same amen as Bible/aka Amon) Ra himself said “The Laws of God ARE NOT COMMANDMENTS TO BE OBEYED. They are not rules or prohibitions prescribed to govern the behavior of man.”! This is 100% contrary to what the Almighty God states. If Ra is correct, then the law & commandment of God for man or woman NOT to sleep with a beast (Bestiality) & NOT to sacrifice children, NOT to drink blood, NOT to mix seed aka GMO's, doesn't apply!... since the Laws of God are not commandments to be obeyed, nor rules or prohibitions prescribed to govern the behavior of man! Ra cannot state Laws of God are not commandments to be obeyed, w/out first knowing & admitting there IS a Supreme God who established a set of rules, laws, & commandments! Even the ancient gods of Egypt & before believed in a Supreme God, YET, many today LIE & tell you otherwise. This is the argument with Christ, he made the bold statement that he was that Supreme God manifested in the flesh. Even the gods understood this, they never denied Christ didn't exist, nor that he wasn't at least a god.” & When Christians call out sin, we're wrong & judgmental, YET in the Egyptian's very Principles of Maat are judgment, guilt, & sin!” In my Book "Everything You Need To Know NOW ASAP!" on pgs. [masked] I give info & links to Archaeologists Discoveries uncovered TONS of child sacrificed victims by MANY Pyramids & at Stonehenge. & Prove Elite Freemasons admit they are Egyptian Druids in book "America's Secret Destiny" by Manly P Hall & Thomas Paine's Book "The Origin of Freemasonry" who is also the Author of "The Age of Reason" This spirituality religion & worship & honour of Ra does NOT sound reasonable to me! “Pride goeth before destruction & haughty spirit before a fall” Prov. 16:18 13 is Bible # for rebellion “in the thirteenth year they rebelled” Gen. 14:14! There's 13 steps on Egyptian Pyramid on Dollar Bill & Spirit of America is PRIDE! "Wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:" Col. 3:6 "who know not God & obey NOT the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ" 2Thess. 1:8-9 Egypt means “House of bondage” Ex. 20:2 “And the spirit of Egypt SHALL FAIL in the midst thereof... & the Egyptians will I give over into the hand of a cruel lord; & a fierce king shall rule over them, saith the Lord, the Lord of hosts.” Is. 19:3-5 Daniel's 4th beast “exceedingly dreadful” Dan. 7:19-23 Last 7 yrs. Luciferian Satanic Antichrist (another Christ, in place of Christ, against Christ, aka Egyptian Pagan Christ, aka Niger Buddha Maitreya, instead of the TRUE Niger Bible's Christ aka "St Germain Sanctus Germanus "holy brother" & in Black Book of Satan "agios santanas" "saint the satan" Apollyanas of Tyana (Tyre/Trus) aka Revelation 9:1,11 king angel of bottomless pit Abaddon (destruction) in Hebrew, Apollyon in Greek) Kingdom/Empire different than all before it! THE AGE OF REASON: BE REASONABLE & “REPENT YE & BELIEVE THE GOSPEL” Mk 1:15 Is. 1:18-20 “COME NOW, AND LET US REASON together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If ye be willing & obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: But if ye refuse & rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” 1 Sam. 15:23 “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, & stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king." Rom. 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Rom. 10:13 “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Announcement Up To The Minute World News & Natural Heath

IF you want to contact me & or also meetup with me, send me a message. I Finally put my Documents into a PDF Book online titled "Everything You Need To Know NOW ASAP!" I made 100 paper copies & passed them out. Now it's online. Keep copy for yourself. PLEASE Pay It Forward, make copies & pass out to everyone ASAP! 3 yrs of massive research of world & prophecy news, compiled into as short & direct to the point as possible & direct to each Source's own fact checking resources. I'm not a Professional, BUT I POURED MY WHOLE HEART INTO IT. Here is my Google Drive Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/123hBmm_7Ftmc_uKgdLiP1hpelpNZqrj9/view?usp=sharing AMERICA & WORLD IS ON HIGH ALERT! History & Prophecy repeats itself! This book has 3 Parts of IRREFUTABLE PROOF..... Part 1 God & Bible Proof, Part 2 ALL Lies Deceptions & Crimes Against Humanity Part 3 VERY SOON Future 7yrs. "Time of Jacob's Trouble" Tribulation Rapture WW3 entrance ramp for the One World Leader Antichrist (against Christ/Saviour, thus against saving) Strong Delusion Fallen rebel Angels/Aliens, Mark of the Beast is DNA Manipulation, permanently alters your DNA Trans-humanism in Microchip & in New Vaccine cures w/Nanorobots America & World Government & Lies Deceptions & evils of past & Today's False Church & info on Every Religion, ALL Science & Medical FDA Field & Natural Health News, Ancient & Modern Technology, ALL Archaeology & Ancient Pre Adam & Eve World etc. etc. (& Proof Earth is Round, NOT Flat for Flat earth believers, I believed in Flat for only one year. Know this: Everything is 3 dimensional. Everything MOVES (vibrates/ frequencies) at ATOMic level (humans, plants, animals, earth, & Constellations sun, moon & stars too). Everything is ALIVE (even things that are dead (aka the living dead), nothing is at Zero point, but at a “constant minimum” Law of thermodynamics) & Flat Earthers PLEASE THINK/ponder about these verses “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.” Lev. 19:27. Your head & beard is round & yet God calls it corners! WHY? Because “corners” is BOTH applied to Square & Round things! ) IF Google Drive link does not work or show up (only allows 200 to view it simultaneously &/or if rejected, or someone complains & they take it down WITHOUT me knowing it), you can also download my PDF Book in the FILES Tab in any of my 4 Facebook Groups I run... 1. "Truly Natural Human Health & Prevention Strategies" 2. "Truly Natural Bunny Health & Prevention Strategies" 3. "Truly Supernatural Health & Prevention Strategies" 4. "I Promise to Stay Committed To My Marriage" 5. & Here is the Link to my "Remember Your Somebunny" Blogspot I started in 2011, only posted 2 times, I decided to add my Book as a Post too... http://yoursomebunny.blogspot.com The 7 Holy Ghost Spirits of our ONE Almighty Father God, & his Heart/Word/Son Saviour Redeemer Holy One of Israel Creator God of both the visible & invisible Multi Universe LOVES YOU! JE-S-US= JEhovah-Saves (Christ)-US! Ishi-male (NOT Isha-female) Hos. 2:16 Ishi (Saviour). He guided, led & directed me, gave me wisdom, knowledge & understanding, instructed & taught me. “ian” & “an” means- “follower of” “pertaining to” Thus an American is a “follower of” “pertaining to” America & A Christian is: a "follower of & pertaining to" Christ.

NEW Natural Health info & updates


Ignore date & time. IF any of you want to meet in person message me. Here is Natural Health Knowledge, some of it is new, some of it is old, which I posted a while back, but we have many new people added since then & want to repeat it for them. My next future 3 Topics will be 1. How to protect yourself Naturally in spite of Smart Meters & Smart Dust. 2. 5 G Smart Cities & 3D Mapping, & the ONLY ONE way to protect yourself from them. 3. New information on Egypt & China. WARNINGS World Authoritative Documentaries by Drs. & Health Authorities. Look up all 4 YouTube Videos by Staying Focused For Jesus website 1) “Big Pharma + You = Big Money And Your Death” 2) “How Can YOU Do This To Israel And Mankind This Is MURDER” 3) “Flouride - Poison On Tap The Great Culling And Attack On Israel” 4) “The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks” NOTE: Black & white is Generic term. All humans are Colored. Carbon/Melanin amounts is a matter of dominant or recessive Genes in dark, medium & light skin. & The word “Ruddy” in the Bible to describe Jew/Hebrew Israelite's is Rud/Red Reddish brown “Alabama Clay soil red & also color of UNcut Rubies brownish black, & look up Scientific definition of Ruddy & images of “Ruddy Animals” & Reddish brown & brownish black Lentils. Also look up America's “One Drop Rule” (having "one drop" of black blood) is considered black (Niger Ne gro or colored in historical terms). MY 2 Natural Health Facebook Groups ALL List of Downloadable Documents is in the Files Tab in the Facebook Groups NOTE: I am Wholelistic, NOT Holistic. Whole foods, whole Herbs, w/simple low cost remedies, NOT all Natural products are good for you. Individual or incomplete vitamin or mineral supplements, it imbalances you & strips other nutrients from you, thus, causes side effects in other areas later. Look up on Facebook "Truly Natural Human Health & Prevention Strategies" 1) Pharmacy DEFINITION Sorcery Pharmacopoeia 2) FDA Medical Symbol Is Lucifer's Knowledge 3) Vaccines Important Info & Microchip Vaccine 4) Water Filter Ideas Cheap, Low Cost & Expensive 5) Easy SUPERfooding ALL Foods 6) IF I HAD CANCER WHAT I WOULD DO 7) Heal Most Diseases Simple Remedy 8) Kidney Stones Remedy 9) List of Every Website 4 Natural Health 10) Organic and Local Farms List 11) Big List Every Natural Health Book & Recipe Book 12) World's Healthiest Salad Dressing 13) Ultimate Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe 14) Kombucha Info & Homemade Kombucha 15) Sauerkraut Info & Homemade Sauerkraut Look up on Facebook "Truly Natural Bunny Health & Prevention Strategies" NOTE: Remedies in First Aid Kit CAN help ALL Pets/Animals & the other Remedies too! 1) How To Litter Train & House Proof Bunny Rabbit 2) Bunny Bathing Dry & Wet 3) Bunny Safe & UNsafe Plant List 4) DANGERS OF Microban Triclosan in Plastic Water Bowls 5) MY Bunny First Aid Kit List I keep on Hand 6) MY GI Stasis Remedy 7) Pain Relief for Bunnies 8) Bloat in Bunnies 9) 1 Flea Remedy 10) Homemade Bunny Nebulizer & Nasal Drops

UPDATES & Difference between "Ism" & "Ity"


Ignore date & time of this Meetup. Coming Soon (in a few weeks) My next Book has TONS of Updates of MORE AMAZING INFO. ALL of it ONE BILLIONTH % Irrefutable Proof of Everything! Of God, of Jesus being God's ONLY way of Salvation, deliverance. There are MANY gods, lords, angels, aliens, devils, demons, BUT NONE can SAVE, DELIVER you "from darkness to light" (Note: darkness has it's OWN light, dark light, BUT It's NOT the true FULL light) "from the power of Satan to the power of God (Most High God)" who is far ABOVE the heavens & earth, outside time & space. Cleansing, purifying you of your sins (aka transgressions, violations of the law of LOVE (aka "Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your mind & LOVE your neighbor (everyone is your neighbor btw!) as you LOVE yourself") Extremely Important to Understand definitions DIFFERENCES of... suffixes ISM at end of beliefs/religions vs ITY at end of ChristianITY Note: Being a Christian has NO "ism", (Jesus said "Ye MUST be born again" A born again Christian "Christ be formed in you AGAIN") You can't put "ism" after word Christian "Christianism, it does NOT work! 1. Definition of ITY: “A condition or quality of being, denoting state or condition composed of. Usually what the adjective describes, or concretely (solidly/of substance) an instance (an example of or occurrence of something, a specific situation, happening or event, cite (a fact, a case etc.) as an example) of the quality (standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind, degree of excellence of something), or collectively all the instances (examples of or occurrences of something, a specific situations, happenings, events, cite (facts, cases etc.) as examples)” “In him (God) we move (active state or condition) & live (composed of lifestyle, way of life) & have (in possession of) our being”) 2. Definition of ISM: “disposition” or “collectively all those who feel it (based on feelings/heart felt), & a practice or teaching of a thing, system, doctrine.” My 1st definition Note: feelings change, fall in love, fall out of love, etc. Trusting in our feelings/heart, can be dangerous, as in trusting strangers, or even friends & family OR in experiences “It Feels Good/Bliss” If “You had a Crush” it may or does not last forever! Addiction to good sensations, feelings or to a person, Just like Sugar/Crack/Alcohol/Drugs you Crash from your Crush, reality sets in & sooner or later down the road there's consequences! OR when we do not know enough or have 100% ALL complete information facts/sources/witnesses about something (an issue) or someone, because feelings are subjective, not based on facts, truths or reality of a situation. You do not see CLEARLY when following using trusting in your feelings! Feelings are NOT objective (Critical (Important Essential to life!) Thinking Skills (Thinking IS A SKILL. A skill is developed over time/exercised to get good at it! Use it or lose it! A mind (knowing) is a TERRIBLE thing to waste!) Soooo IF your religion or belief/faith in, about someone OR something/anything is based on feelings/subjectivity IT'S ON SHAKY GROUND/sinking sand, IT'S NOT GROUNDED/ROCK SOLID/It has substance/truth/fact! It has something to stand on! “You have GOT (I got it! I understand it!) to STAND for something or you'll FALL for anything! My 2nd definition Note: So make sure a practice or teaching of a thing, system, doctrine is based on ROCK SOLID IRREFUTABLE PROOF=EVIDENCE BASED ON FACTS/TRUTH! T.V. Series “God Account”: Bible says “We must ALL give an account of our self to God” We ARE ALL accountable to God.

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