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Are you a chile-head? Do you eat chile-peppers, hot sauces, spicy dishes, etc.? Are you interested in growing your own chile pepper plants? If you answered yes to some of the questions, please join Göteborg Chile Peppers Meetup - GOT Hot & Spicy Foodies.

This Meetup groups is about hot & spicy food stuff, including hot sauces, spices, dishes (e.g., Thai and Indian), different types of chile peppers (chillies, paprika).

The ideal member is a hot & spicy foodie. The members are called chile-heads (as in chile pepper lovers).

You should join if you want to learn more about chile peppers in different ways.

We will share recipes, chile pepper seeds / plants, discussing Scoville units, meeting at restaurants serving hot & spicy food, etc.

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Talking about hot dip sauces

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What is a chile-head?

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