What we're about

The purpose of this group is to have an open forum for all the gamers out there in Gothenburg, please bring friends in, and we’ll try to organise some events for everyone, regardless of age. The group is mainly a place to meet people and to get to know new people in your area to wither play with or to hang out with. Best of worlds is that there’s someone just like yourself around, or maybe one of your favourite streamers. Remember this is a group for all types of gamers, so please respect each other, and stay friendly!

I know there’s a lot of gamers in Gothenburg as I’ve grown up with quite a few, so I’m super glad to see that there’s so many happy new faces in here.

If there’s any quesions or if you have suggestions on location to be please send Marcus Sjölin a message and I’ll review the location and we might be ready to go!

Streamers and Pros are of course also welcome to our community, let's share experiences and have good fun together, I noticed there's not Twitch Meetup or other types of groups in Gotherburg to support the interest, although I know there's plenty of streamers from Gothenburg!

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Let's meet and talk gaming!

GG bar